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Eremenko Vitaly
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Winter Meadow

1) ID: EVA77

Beach in Yaffo

2) ID: EVA76


3) ID: EVA75

Old City at Sunset

4) ID: EVG74


5) ID: EVA73

Double Star

6) ID: EVA72

Flowers in a glass vase

7) ID: EVA71

And it is a small gap in this order -
Perhaps this place is for me.
(A wedge of cranes before a thunderstorm)

8) ID: EVA70

And she was left alone...
(view of the plain with the river)

9) ID: EVG69

The bank of the Chusovaya River (based on a black and white photo from 1983)

10) ID: EVA68

View from a cliff on the Chusovaya River in 1983. “There are three pine trees like three separations in front of me.."

11) ID: EVA67


12) ID: EVA66

Memories of our house on the outskirts of Grozny in 1990

13) ID: EVA65

Tree at the Dead Sea

14) ID: EVM64

Recreation center Solnechnaya near the village of Inche in the Caspian Sea in 1990 - At sunrise

15) ID: EVM63

Recreation center Solnechnaya near the village of Inche in the Caspian Sea in 1990 - At sunset

16) ID: EVM62

The world of the red dwarf star

17) ID: EVM61

Tel Aviv Night sea-front

18) ID: EVM60

Ine Peak, Dombay, North Caucasus

19) ID: EVM59

Tower of David, Jerusalem

20) ID: EVM58

Church of the 12 Apostles on lake Kinneret, Israel

21) ID: EVM57

Mandala 06 Contours

22) ID: VEM06D

Mandala 06 Painting

23) ID: VEM06P

Mandala 05 Contours

24) ID: VEM05D

Mandala 05 Painting

25) ID: VEM05P

Restaurant on the coast of Netanya

26) ID: EVM56

The beach on the forest lake

27) ID: EVM55

The path to the forest Lake

28) ID: EVM54

Mountain Lake and small waterfall

29) ID: EVM53

Gan-ha-Shlosha, Israel

30) ID: EVM52

Fall Dawn in the foothills

31) ID: EVA51

Alcaea flower

32) ID: EVP50

Mountain Stream

33) ID: EVA49

Sunrise in the Negev desert. Israel

34) ID: EVA48

Birth of the Earth - Proto-Earth and the Moon

35) ID: EVA47

Gan-ha-Shlosha, View 2. Israel

36) ID: EVA46

Gan ha Shlosha - Panorama

37) ID: EVV11

Gan ha-Shlosha

38) ID: EG01

Gan ha-Shlosha

39) ID: EV11

Netanya. Mediterranean coast

40) ID: EVA45

Bouquet in glass vase

41) ID: EVA44

Lake Kinneret. Israel

42) ID: EVA43

Cactus in our yard

43) ID: EVC42

Winter on the mountain pass

44) ID: EVM41

Evening over the lake

45) ID: EVM40

Lake in the foothills

46) ID: EVM39

Birth of the Earth. Katarchaeus

47) ID: EVG38

The world of the red dwarf star

48) ID: EVC37

Dawn on the coast

49) ID: EVC36

Flooding on the plain

50) ID: EVC35

Shaitan stone on Chusovaya river, Ural

51) ID: EVC34

Panorama of Chusovaya river, Ural

52) ID: EVC33

True sky scrapers

53) ID: EVC32

Observer Flowers

54) ID: EVG31

Dombai, Caucasus

55) ID: EWC31

Our House in Netyanya

56) ID: EWC30

Evening of winter day on the river bank. 2022

57) ID: EWC29

Late evening in the rocky desert. 2022

58) ID: EWC28

Rising of the Black Hole. 2022

59) ID: EWC27

On the Lakeside. 2022

60) ID: EWC26

Hot Day on a Lake. 2022

61) ID: EWC25

Wailing Wall in Jerusalem. 2022

62) ID: EWC19

Vitrag based on Mandalah 07

63) ID: EVM07

Mandalah 07 PC

64) ID: EVPC07

Vitrag based on Mandalah 06

65) ID: EVM06

Vitrag based on Mandalah 05

66) ID: EVM05

Vitrag based on Mandalah 04

67) ID: EVM04

Mandalah 04 PC

68) ID: EVPC04

Butterflies above Beach

69) ID: EVV19

Sunset on Sea in Calm

70) ID: EVV18

Forest Stream

71) ID: EVV17

Forest River

72) ID: EVV16

Eternity and Loneliness

73) ID: EVV15

Sea-Front of Netanya

74) ID: EVV14

Single farm on the hills

75) ID: EVV13

Venus landscape of the desert in Israel

76) ID: EVV12

The Dead Sea Panorama

77) ID: EVV10

Babylon Tower

78) ID: EVV09

Seashore - breakers

79) ID: EVA08

Dawn in desert Negev

80) ID: EVA07

Desert Arava - Hamsin

81) ID: EVA06

Spring in Kanion in Mahtesh Ramon

82) ID: EVA05

The Western Wailing Wall of 2-nd Hebrew Temple, Jerusalem

83) ID: EVA04

Former Reserve Winter Pool in Netanya-2002

84) ID: EVA03

Flowers in glass Vase

85) ID: EVSP02

Winter Pool - former reserve in Netanya 2002

86) ID: EVSP01

Ornament Mandalah 03

87) ID: EVM03

Vitrag based on Mandalah 01

88) ID: EVM01

Vitrag based on Mandalah 02

89) ID: EVM02

East ornament 1

90) ID: EV01

Element of orient Ornament 2

91) ID: VTCE4

Contour for orient Ornament 2

92) ID: VTC4

Orient Ornament 2

93) ID: EV18

Rectangular Pattern 1 for Vitrag

94) ID: VTC01

Color Scheme A for Pattern 1

95) ID: VTC01A

Color Scheme B for Pattern 1

96) ID: VTC01B

Rectangulars Pattern

97) ID: VG09

Circular Pattern 2 for Vitrag

98) ID: VTC02

Color Scheme for Pattern 2

99) ID: VTC02A

Flower Pattern 3 for Vitrag

100) ID: VTC03

Color Scheme for Pattern 3

101) ID: VTC03A

Orient Ornament 2 on a Silk

102) ID: SMT01

Butterflies and Flowers on a Silk

103) ID: SMT05

Pattern with Vine

104) ID: VTC05

Floriated with Vine

105) ID: EV19

Floriated Pattern

106) ID: VTC06

Flowers Sample on Textile

107) ID: SMT04

Element of Circular Pattern

108) ID: VTC07

Circular Ornament on Textile

109) ID: SMT02

Pattern with Circles and Roses

110) ID: VTC08

Geometrical ornament 3

111) ID: VG02

Geometrical Pattern 1

112) ID: VTC09

Geometrical Ornament 1

113) ID: EV44

Geometrical Pattern 10

114) ID: VTC10

Geometrical ornament 2

115) ID: EV48

Topological Ornament 1

116) ID: EV43

Foros church in Crimea.

117) ID: EV46

Peacock and Butterfly.

118) ID: EV47

Geometrical ornament 3

119) ID: VG08

The Wailing Wall in Jerusalem

120) ID: EV49

View on Eilat.

121) ID: EPG52

The Birth of Earth

122) ID: EV52

Fantasy on theme Fomenko 1

123) ID: EV61

Geometrical abstract 1

124) ID: EV53

Northern Caucasia in Russia.

125) ID: VG01

Abstract Forms 1

126) ID: VG03

Cathedral by Vasily Blajenny in Moscow

127) ID: VG04

A Butterfly

128) ID: VG05

A Bird

129) ID: VG06

Topological ornament 2

130) ID: VG07A

Geometrical Pattern 4

131) ID: VG23

The Crimean Landscape with Stained Glass Framework

132) ID: EV45

The Dead sea

133) ID: EV02

Mountain lake. Caucasus

134) ID: EV03

Quay Jaffo

135) ID: EV04

Wadi in desert Negev.

136) ID: EV05

View on Elbrus. Northern Caucasia.

137) ID: EG02

Ein-Sheva. Kineret.

138) ID: EG03


139) ID: EG04

Canion Ramon. View on stream Zin.

140) ID: EG05

Reserve Theberda. Northern Caucasia.

141) ID: EG06

Cathedral Alexander Nevsky. Crimea.

142) ID: EG07

The Rock Sail in Crimea.

143) ID: EG08

Genoese fortress in Crimea.

144) ID: EG09

The Wailing Wall in Jerusalem.

145) ID: EG10

The Mermaid on a Dolphin

146) ID: VB11

Northern Caucasia. Valley on the way to Elbrus.

147) ID: VB05

Crimea. Sudak.

148) ID: VB06

Tower of king David in Jerusalem

149) ID: VB07

The Hill Cat in Yalta. Crimea.

150) ID: VB08

Dovetail Nest Palace. Crimea.

151) ID: VB09

Cape of Fiolent in Crimea.

152) ID: VB10

Sea-front in Netanya.

153) ID: VB01

On bank of gulf.

154) ID: VB02

Autumn on a River

155) ID: VB03

Crimea. Fiolent on a decline.

156) ID: VB12

Boat on lake

157) ID: VB13

Red Flower on a glass

158) ID: VB14

Blue Flower on a glass

159) ID: GW01

Yellow Flower on a glass

160) ID: GW02

Decorated Vase

161) ID: GW03

Decorated Beery Mug

162) ID: GW04

The Wailing Wall in Jerusalem

163) ID: VB16

View on Tel-Aviv from Jaffo

164) ID: VB15

The Wailing Wall

165) ID: EGW20

The Dead sea

166) ID: EGW21

First Hebrev Temple in Jerusalem.

167) ID: EV59

View on Wailing Wall in Jerusalem. 1995

168) ID: EWC17

The Western Wailing Wall in Jerusalem.

169) ID: EV06

Oak in Samaria (Israel).

170) ID: EV10

Water-color of Desert.

171) ID: EV20

Mountain Lake in North Caucasus.

172) ID: EV22

Mountain Lake.

173) ID: EV23

Sunset above Lake.

174) ID: EV31

Landscape of Shomron (Israel).

175) ID: EV32

The antique Roman aqueduct and amphitheatre near Caesaria

176) ID: EV33

Spring and birches near Moscow.

177) ID: EV40

Winter on the river in Moscow suburbs.

178) ID: EV41

Three birches in the skirt

179) ID: EV40B

View near Dimona

180) ID: EV51

View near Dimona from Hill

181) ID: EWC18

Sketch of sweet cherries.

182) ID: EV55

Sketch. the first ski track.

183) ID: EV58

Sketch. Kaspian sea

184) ID: EWC20

Sketch. On the Kaspian sea

185) ID: EWC21

Sketch. Road to the Dead sea

186) ID: EWC22

Sketch. Beach close to Tel-Aviv

187) ID: EWC23

Kuzdra and Bokr

188) ID: VPS01

Angree Kuzdra

189) ID: EWC24

Interior of First Hebrev Temple

190) ID: EV08

Spring of Homat Gader.

191) ID: EV12

Lagoon near to Haifa.

192) ID: EV14

Depression Mahtesh Ramon in wilderness Negev.

193) ID: EV17

Mountain Lake 2.

194) ID: EV24

Winter Clearing with Fir-tree near Moscow.

195) ID: EV28

Flowers in the copper jug 1

196) ID: EGU07

Flowers in the copper jug 2

197) ID: VPS02

First Hebrew Temple.

198) ID: EV07

Reserve Shlulit-ha-Horef in Netanya.

199) ID: EV09

The Source.

200) ID: EV13

Sea and Rocks.

201) ID: EV15

Glacier Caraugom on Northern Caucasus.

202) ID: EV16

Villa in Desert.

203) ID: EV21

Autumn on a river.

204) ID: EV27

Sunset above Sea.

205) ID: EV30

Autumn on coast of a gulf.

206) ID: EV39

Spring on a marge of a wood.

207) ID: EV42

The Western Wailing Wall in Jerusalem - 2

208) ID: EV50

Fantasy 1

209) ID: EV60

Black Star

210) ID: EFN19

Quay of Netanya

211) ID: EAC24

Monastery on river Chusovaya (Ural, Russia)

212) ID: EAC25

Fruit-piece with Water-Melon.

213) ID: EV25

Roses in a glass jug.

214) ID: EV26

Field flowers in a glass vase.

215) ID: EV29

Mountain stream. Northern Caucasia.

216) ID: EV37

Sketch of pear.

217) ID: EV56

Etude of Caspian sea close Inchkhe.

218) ID: EV57

Sketch of red apple

219) ID: EV54

Moon's way on the Dead sea

220) ID: EM07

Moon's landscape on the way to the Dead sea

221) ID: EM08

Morning road to the Dead sea

222) ID: EM09

The rock Shaitan on river Chusovaya (Ural, Russia)

223) ID: EM10

The country church on river Chusovaya (Ural, Russia)

224) ID: EM11

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