Art-Colors Violtan Paints for Hobby, Art & Craft
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Categories of Wares

1Solvent-Based Transparent
Paints for Glass
2Solvent-Based Opaque
Paints for Porcelain
3Water-Based Transparent
Paints for Glass
4Water-Based Opaque
Paints for Porcelain
5Pens for Glass and Porcelain
6Contours for Glass and Porcelain
7Film for Stained Glass
8Medium, Thinner, Varnish
9Multisurface Paints
10Paints for Metal
11Paints for Wood, Cardboard
12Stencil Paints
13Artistic Oil Colors
14Water-Mixable Oil Colors
15Acrylic Colors
16Gouache Colors
18Pastel, Pencils, Crayons, Fiber Pens
20Decorative Wares
22Canvas & Pad


1C.Kreul (Germany)
Established in 1838
2DecoArt (USA)
3Daler-Rowney (England)
4Faber-Castell (Germany)
Established in 1761
5Ferrario (Italy)
6Hoenig Art Colours Ltd. (Israel)
7Irit (Israel)
8Koh-i-Noor (Czech Rep.)
9Konrad Hornschuch AG (Germany)
10Kuretake (Japan)
11Lefranc & Bourgeois (France)
Established in 1720
12Maimeri (Italy)
13Marabu (Germany)
14Maries (China)
15Memory (P.R.C.)
16Dr.Ph.Martin's (USA)
17Normex (-)
18Omega-cat (Israel)
19Palda (Israel)
20Pebeo (France)
21Pelikan (Germany)
Finest Art Materials Since 1832
22Plaid (USA)
23Reeves (England)
24Royal-Talens (Holland)
25Trip 3D (Israel)
26Venus (China)
27WACO (Germany)
28Winsor & Newton (England)
29Staedtler (Germany)
30Mungyo (Korea)
31Other Companies (All)

Types of Wares

2Opaque S.B. Paints
3Transparent W.B. Paints
4Frosted W.B. Paints
5Paints for glass in Sets
6Opaque W.B. Paints
7Marker for Glass and Porcelain
8Brushpen for Porcelain
9Contour for Glass and Porcelain
10Window Peelable Colors
11Varnish and Coat
12Medium for Decorative Paints
13Medium for Oil Colors
14Accesories for Acrylic Painting
15Accesories for Gouache Painting
16Medium for Water Colors
17Contour, Film, Lead Strip
18Bottle & Tip for liquid Paints
19Prepared Contour & Stiker
20Glass Etching
22Self-adhesive Film for Vitrag
23Stencil Paint
24Glitter Liner and Paint
34Gloss Paint
36Matt Paint
37Pearl Paint
38Metallic Paint
39Multisurface Pen
40Paint for Metal
41Matt Paint for Wood
42Gloss Paint for Wood
43Oil Paints
44Oil Colors in Sets
45Opaque and Semi-opaq.Oil Paints
46Transparent and semitransp. Oil Paints
47H2Oil Paints
48Art-Acrylic Paints
49Acrylic in Sets
50Decorative Acrylic
51Artists Gouache
53Fluorescent Gouache
54Metallic Gouache
55Gouache in Sets
56Transparent Watercolors
57Opaque Watercolors
58Liquid Water-Color
59Watercolor in Sets
60Soft dry Pastels and Chalks
61Oil Pastels
62Wax Crayons, WaxArell
63Water-Color Pencil
64Color Pencil
65Fiber Pen
66Calligraphy Ink

1L&B Vitrail
(Lefranc & Bourgeois)
Solvent-Based transparent Paints for Glass
2Pebeo Vitrail
Solvent-Based transparent Paints for Glass
3Marabu glasART
Solvent-Based transparent Paints for Glass
4DecorFin Glass Paints
Solvent-Based transparent Paints for Glass
5H-L Glasmal Farbe
Hobby Line: Transparent Solvent-based Paints for Glass, Porcelain, metal, plastic foils, wood and Leather.
6L&B CeramiC Paints
(Lefranc & Bourgeois)
Solvent-Based opaque gloss Paints for Ceramics, Glass, Metal
7Pebeo Ceramic Paints
Solvent-Based semi-opaque gloss colors for porcelain, ceramics, glass, metal
8L&B Glass & Tile transp.paints
(Lefranc & Bourgeois)
Transparent water-based Paints for Glass, Ceramic ware, Bathroom tiles
9Decorfin Porcelain transp.paints
Transparent water-based Paints for Glass, Porcelain
10H-L Glass Color
Hobby-Line: Transparent Water-Based Paints for Glass
11Marabu Ceramica paints
Water-based transparent Paints for Porcelain
12Pebeo Vitrea-160 paints
Transparent water-based Paints for Glass, Porcelain
13DecoArt Glass Stain paints
Transparent gloss water-based paints for glass and plastic
14DecoArt UltraFrost paints
Transparent paints with frost effect for glass, tile
15Americana Crystal Gloss Enamels
Transparent gloss paints for glass, ceramics, smooth surfaces.
16L&B Glass & Tile opaque paints
(Lefranc & Bourgeois)
Opaque water-based Paints for Glass, Ceramic ware, Bathroom tiles
17Decorfin Porcelain Opaque paints
Opaque water-based Paints for Glass, Porcelain
18Folkart Enamels
Opaque Enamels for Glass and Ceramics
19DecoArt UltraGloss paints
Opaque gloss water-based paints for glass, tile and more
20H-L Glass Color Pen
Hobby-Line Pen for transparent drawing on Glass, Porcelain, Metal
21H-L Porcelain Pen 160°C
Hobby-Line Pen for porcelain, glass, metal, glaced ceramics
22H-L Porcelain+Glass Pen 160°C
Hobby-Line Pen for porcelain, glass, metal, glaced ceramics
23L&B glass Liner
(Lefranc & Bourgeois)
Outliner for glass
24H-L glass liner
Lining Paste for glass, wood, stone, cardboard, paper, plastics
25Decorfin glass liner
Outliners for Glass, Porcelain
26Pebeo glass Liner
Iridescent paints and contours for Glass and Porcelain
27Irit Stikers
Stiker-contours for glass, ceramics, wood, albums, gift cards, nails
28d-c-fix film
(Konrad Hornschuch AG)
Self-adhesive transparent colored film for glass
29Normex X-Film
Self-adhesive transparent colored film for glass
30Fin by WACO paints
Multisurface acrylic matt paints for wood and other materials
31Pebeo Deco Pearl paints
Opaque Pearl Paints for wood, cardboard, plaster, terracotta, metal
32Pebeo Deco Matt paints
Opaque Matt acrylic paints for wood, plaster, terracotta, cardboard, metal
33Pebeo Deco Gloss paints
Opaque Gloss acrylic paints for wood, plaster, terracotta, cardboard, metal
34DecoArt Metal paints
No-Prep Metal opaque matt Paints for Tin, Brass, Iron, Aluminum, Chrome etc.
35Permanent Marker
Pen with opaque gloss Paint for wood, metal, plastics, glass, cardboard, paper, rubber etc.
36Americana Gloss Enamels
Opaque Paint for Glass, Ceramics, Wood, Papier mache, Plaster, Resin etc.
37Folkart Acrylic Metallic
Multisurface Acrylic Metallic and Pearl Colors
38DecoArt Stencil Paints DBF
Easy Blend Stencil Paint: Dry-Brush Formula
39Rembrandt Oil Paints
Professional Oil Paints in tubes
40Van-Gogh Oil Paints
Artists Oil Paints in tubes
41Van-Gogh/Amsterdam Oil Paints
Artists Oil paints in economical Tubes 200 ml
42Van Dyck Oil Paints
Professional Finest Oil Colours
43Winsor & Newton - China
(Winsor & Newton)
Oil Paints in Tubes 45 ml
44Winton Oil Paints
(Winsor & Newton)
Professional Oil Paints in Tubes 21, 37, 200 ml
45Louvre Oil Paints
(Lefranc & Bourgeois)
Oil Paints for artists and hobby
46Hoenig Oil Classic Paints
(Hoenig Art Colours Ltd.)
Professional Oil Paints Brush Mark
47Hoenig Top Oil Paints
(Hoenig Art Colours Ltd.)
Top Quality Artists Oil colours. Exellent fastress. 40 ml tube.
48Maries Oil Paints
Oil Paints for Students
49Daler-Rowney paints
Paints and Mediums for professional Artists and Amateurs
50Maimeri Classico oil paints
Oil paints for professional painters, students and amateurs
51Artisan W.M.Oil colors
(Winsor & Newton)
AquaOil - Water Mixable Oil Colours
52Cobra/Van-Gogh H2Oil paints
Oil Colours mixes with water
53Art Acryl AQUA
Solo Goja: Aquarylic - Liquid transparent Acrylic for canvas, paper, cardboard, wood etc. Like to aquarelle.
54L&B Galeria Acrylic
(Winsor & Newton)
Galeria Flow Formula: Professional Acrylic Paints in tubes for Artists
55Hoenig Art Acrylic
(Hoenig Art Colours Ltd.)
Classic Acrylic Paints for Artists, tubes 60 ml
56Hoenig Acrylic PRO
(Hoenig Art Colours Ltd.)
Professional Acrylic Colours for Artists in transparent plastic tubes 120 ml (4 oz).
Saves strokes of brush as oil colors.
57XTC Acrylic
(Hoenig Art Colours Ltd.)
Artistic Acrylic Color for students and amateurs
58Amsterdam Acrylic
Acrylic for the beginning or intermediate artist.
59L&B Linel Gouache
(Lefranc & Bourgeois)
Fine Gouache Paints
60Talens Gouache
Extra-fine Gouache Paints
61Omega Gouache
Semitransparent Gouache Paints
62Pelikan Water-Colors
Water-colors for beginners and hobby
63Van-Gogh Water-Colors
Artists Water-color Paints in tubes
64Rembrandt Water-Colors
Professional Water-colors in sets
65Talens Ecoline
Liquid Water-colors, applied with airbrush, brush, drawing pen
66Ferrario Liquarell
Liquid Water-colors for professional use
67Talens Pastels
Artistic soft and oil pastels
68W&N Calligraphy Ink
(Winsor & Newton)
Professional Calligraphy inks
69W&N Drawing Ink
(Winsor & Newton)
Professional Drawing Inks
70Bombay Ink
General purpose India Ink
71Iridescent Calligraphy Colors
Shimmering interference waterproof colors
Varnishes, mediums and other accessories for Art & Craft
Artistic Paint sets of all types
Established in 1761. Different types of Paints for hobby and art.
75DecorFin Patina
Paints for patinating objects giving an antique look
76L&B Louvre
(Lefranc & Bourgeois)
Different types of artist Colors, Pastels and other art-materials.
Established in 1766. Different types of artists Paints and Pastel for hobby and art.
Varnish, Mediums and other accesories for art & craft painting.
Different types of artists Paints for hobby and art.
Products for marking, writing, drawing, colouring, modelling, painting and presenting
Art & Craft Materials
Art & Craft Materials
Art & Craft Materials
Art & Craft Materials
Professional Artistic Colors
86Pebeo Art-Colors
Different types of Artistic Colors by Pebeo
87ZIG BrusH2O
88Gansai Tambi Watercolors
89Pen-Brush Ecoline
Pen-Brush with Ecoline Color
Pastel, Pencils, waxarell
91Other Companies
(Other Companies)
Paints in sets, liners, mediums, stencils and other wares
92Different Companies
(Other Companies)
Color Sand, wares for Hobby & Craft

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