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Use for replacement of insufficient paints,
comparison hues and pigments of the same color name etc.

1 Artistic Oil Colors
2 Water-Mixable Oil Colors
3 Acrylic Colors
4 Gouache Colors
5 Water-Colors
6 Calligraphy
7 Solvent-Based Transparent Paints for Glass
8 Solvent-Based Opaque Paints for Porcelain
9 Water-Based Transparent Paints for Glass
10 Water-Based Opaque Paints for Porcelain
11 Pens for Glass and Porcelain
12 Multisurface Paints
13 Paints for Metal
14 Paints for Wood, Cardboard
15 Stencil Paints

72 Color Names in Category Solvent-Based Transparent Paints for Glass
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1Apple Green1 Colors
2Black6 Colors
3Black Liner WACO1 Colors
4Blue3 Colors
5Blue Violet2 Colors
6Bordeaux1 Colors
7Bright Red1 Colors
8Brown7 Colors
9Brush Cleaner and Thinner1 Colors
10Carmine2 Colors
11Chartreuse (green)1 Colors
12Clear Glaze1 Colors
13Cobalt Blue1 Colors
14Colourless2 Colors
15Copper Metallic1 Colors
16Crimson1 Colors
17Cyan1 Colors
18Dark Green3 Colors
19Dark Ultramarine2 Colors
20Deep Blue2 Colors
21Deep Brown1 Colors
22Deep Red1 Colors
23Emerald1 Colors
24Emerald Green1 Colors
25Etched Glass2 Colors
26Fucshia2 Colors
27Gold Metallic1 Colors
28Gold Liner WACO1 Colors
29Gold Metallic1 Colors
30Golden Yellow1 Colors
31Green4 Colors
32Green-Gold1 Colors
33Grey4 Colors
34Hiding Black1 Colors
35Hiding White1 Colors
36Lemon3 Colors
37Light Blue3 Colors
38Light Brown2 Colors
39Light Green4 Colors
40Light Red2 Colors
41Light green1 Colors
42Medium for Glass2 Colors
43Old Pink2 Colors
44Olive1 Colors
45Olive Green3 Colors
46Orange5 Colors
47Orange Yellow1 Colors
48Parisian Blue2 Colors
49Parma1 Colors
50Pearl1 Colors
51Pink1 Colors
52Purple1 Colors
53Red2 Colors
54Red Violet1 Colors
55Reddish Brown2 Colors
56Reseda1 Colors
57Sand1 Colors
58Silver1 Colors
59Silver Gray1 Colors
60Silver Metallic1 Colors
61Sky Blue1 Colors
62Turquoise6 Colors
63Turquoise Blue1 Colors
64Turquoise Green1 Colors
65Vermilion1 Colors
66Violet7 Colors
67Warm Green1 Colors
68White5 Colors
69White Opaque2 Colors
70White Transparent2 Colors
71Yellow7 Colors
72Yellow Orange2 Colors

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