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Collection of Paints for Hobby, Art & Craft
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Wares by Company

1 C.Kreul
2 DecoArt
3 Daler-Rowney
4 Faber-Castell
5 Ferrario
6 Hoenig (Hönig) Art Colours Ltd.
7 Irit
8 Koh-i-Noor
9 Konrad Hornschuch AG
10 Kuretake
11 Lefranc & Bourgeois
12 Maimeri
13 Marabu
14 Maries
15 Memory
16 Dr.Ph.Martin's
17 Normex
18 Omega-cat
19 Palda
20 Pebeo
21 Pelikan
22 Plaid
23 Reeves
24 Royal-Talens
25 Venus
27 Winsor & Newton
28 Staedtler
29 Mungyo
30 Other Companies
Production DecorFin Glass Paints
DecorFin Glass Paints

Solvent-Based transparent Paints for Glass
Production Decorfin Porcelain transp.paints
Decorfin Porcelain transp.paints

Transparent water-based Paints for Glass, Porcelain
Production Decorfin Porcelain Opaque paints
Decorfin Porcelain Opaque paints

Opaque water-based Paints for Glass, Porcelain
Production Decorfin glass liner
Decorfin glass liner

Outliners for Glass, Porcelain
Production Rembrandt Oil Paints
Rembrandt Oil Paints

Professional Oil Paints in tubes
Production Van-Gogh Oil Paints
Van-Gogh Oil Paints

Artists Oil Paints in tubes
Production Van-Gogh/Amsterdam Oil Paints
Van-Gogh/Amsterdam Oil Paints

Artists Oil paints in economical Tubes 200 ml
Production Cobra/Van-Gogh H2Oil paints
Cobra/Van-Gogh H2Oil paints

Oil Colours mixes with water
Production Amsterdam Acrylic
Amsterdam Acrylic

Acrylic for the beginning or intermediate artist.
Production Talens Gouache
Talens Gouache

Extra-fine Gouache Paints
Production Van-Gogh Water-Colors
Van-Gogh Water-Colors

Artists Water-color Paints in tubes
Production Rembrandt Water-Colors
Rembrandt Water-Colors

Professional Water-colors in sets
Production Talens Ecoline
Talens Ecoline

Liquid Water-colors, applied with airbrush, brush, drawing pen
Production Talens Pastels
Talens Pastels

Artistic soft and oil pastels
Production Talens-Amsterdam

Varnishes, mediums and other accessories for Art & Craft
Production ArtCreation

Artistic Paint sets of all types
Production DecorFin Patina
DecorFin Patina

Paints for patinating objects giving an antique look
Production Pen-Brush Ecoline
Pen-Brush Ecoline

Pen-Brush with Ecoline Color

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