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Shevkunova Inna
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Roots and Branches 1) Shevkunova Inna
Roots and Branches
Oil, Cardboard 16 * 22 cm.
Oil Paintings
ID: SH01
Hill Medved. 2) Shevkunova Inna
Hill Medved.
Oil, Cardboard, 22 x 15 cm.
Oil Paintings
ID: SH02
Landscape in New Light. 3) Shevkunova Inna
Landscape in New Light.
Oil, Cardboard, 21 x 15 cm.
Oil Paintings
ID: SH03
Morning in Crimea. 4) Shevkunova Inna
Morning in Crimea.
Oil, Cardboard, 20 x 13 cm.
Oil Paintings
ID: SH04
The Dead sea. 5) Shevkunova Inna
The Dead sea.
Oil, Cardboard, 33 x 25 cm.
Oil Paintings
ID: SH05
Road to Jerusalem. 6) Shevkunova Inna
Road to Jerusalem.
Oil, Canvas, 45 * 35 cm.
Oil Paintings
ID: SH06
Seacoast in Netanya 7) Shevkunova Inna
Seacoast in Netanya
Oil, Cardboard, 21.5 * 16.7 cm.
Oil Paintings
ID: SH07
Seacoast in Netanya 2 8) Shevkunova Inna
Seacoast in Netanya 2
Oil, Cardboard 29.5 * 15 cm
Oil Paintings
ID: SH08
Lake Kyneret 9) Shevkunova Inna
Lake Kyneret
Oil, Cardboard 21.5 * 16.7 cm
Oil Paintings
ID: SH09

The Artists and Studios

1VioltanPhotos, Illustrations Israel  
2AllArt all  
3Girish SalviAirbrush on Glass Crystal Arc, UAE  
4Denisov IrinaArt-on-Computer with Bryce-3D Israel  
5Eremenko VitalyPaintings on Glass, Glassware, Paper, Canvas, CardBoard Israel  
6Eremenko Diana Purls, Painting, Decoupage etc.
7Jurbenko AlenaPurls by Cross, Trappings
8Zolenko TatianaThe Decorative- artistic finishing of the clothing Israel  
9Kaplun VladimirPainting on Canvas, Cardboard, Paper. Work on Wood. Israel  
10Modern GlassArtificial Stained Glass Windows and Decorated Glass Furniture Israel  
11Sevostyanov HelenaBatik: Paintings on Silk Israel  
12Chesnakov MichaelClassic Painting and Copy from old masters
13Shevkunova InnaPainting on Canvas, Cardboard Israel  

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Vitaly Eremenko
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