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3: Chesnakov Michael
4: Girish Salvi
5: Kaplun Vladimir
6: Eremenko Diana
7: Eremenko Vitaly
8: Fidelman Tatiana
9: Denisov Irina
10: Jurbenko Alena
11: Sevostyanov Helena
12: Shevkunova Inna
Decoration on ware

1) [EDV39G]
Eremenko Diana
Frog, Butterfly and Lilies

2) [EDV27G]
Eremenko Diana
Plate the Sun

3) [TF05]
Fidelman Tatiana
Painting on glass goblet 1. Autumn Leaves-1

4) [TF06]
Fidelman Tatiana
Painting on glass goblet 2. Summer Leaves

5) [TF07]
Fidelman Tatiana
Painting on glass goblet 3. Tree Leaves

6) [TF08]
Fidelman Tatiana
Painting on glass goblet 4. Autumn Leaves-2

7) [VB11]
Eremenko Vitaly
The Mermaid on a Dolphin

8) [VB05]
Eremenko Vitaly
Northern Caucasia. Valley on the way to Elbrus.

9) [VB06]
Eremenko Vitaly
Crimea. Sudak.

10) [VB07]
Eremenko Vitaly
Tower of king David in Jerusalem

11) [VB08]
Eremenko Vitaly
The Hill Cat in Yalta. Crimea.

12) [VB09]
Eremenko Vitaly
Dovetail Nest Palace. Crimea.

13) [VB10]
Eremenko Vitaly
Cape of Fiolent in Crimea.

14) [VB01]
Eremenko Vitaly
Sea-front in Netanya.

15) [VB02]
Eremenko Vitaly
On bank of gulf.

16) [VB03]
Eremenko Vitaly
Autumn on a River

17) [VB12]
Eremenko Vitaly
Crimea. Fiolent on a decline.

18) [VB13]
Eremenko Vitaly
Boat on lake

19) [VB14]
Eremenko Vitaly
Red Flower on a glass

20) [GW01]
Eremenko Vitaly
Blue Flower on a glass

21) [GW02]
Eremenko Vitaly
Yellow Flower on a glass

22) [GW04]
Eremenko Vitaly
Decorated Beery Mug

23) [VB16]
Eremenko Vitaly
The Wailing Wall in Jerusalem

24) [VB15]
Eremenko Vitaly
View on Tel-Aviv from Jaffo

25) [EGW20]
Eremenko Vitaly
The Wailing Wall

26) [EGW21]
Eremenko Vitaly
The Dead sea

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