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126 records.
1 Acrylic Master-Class
2 Acrylic Studio
3 Americana Gloss Enamels
4 Amos Glass Deco
5 Amsterdam Expert Acrylic
6 Amsterdam Standard Acrylic
7 Art Acryl AQUA
8 Artidee 3D-Crystal
9 Artisan W.M.Oil
10 Bombay Ink
11 Cobra/Van-Gogh H2Oil
12 Cotman Water-Colors
13 Craft Twinkles
14 DEKA Silk
15 Daler-Rowney Water-Colors
16 Daler-Rowney oil paints
17 DecoArt Glass Stain
18 DecoArt Metal
19 DecoArt Stencil Paints Acryl
20 DecoArt Stencil Paints DBF
21 DecoArt UltraFrost
22 DecoArt UltraGloss
23 Decola Batik
24 Decola Textile Liners
25 DecorFin Glass
26 Decorfin Porcelain Opaque
27 Decorfin Porcelain Transp.
28 Decorfin Textile
29 Decorfin Universal Gloss
30 Decorfin Universal Satin
31 Decorfin glass liner
32 Faber-Castell Gouache
33 Faber-Castell Soft Pastels
34 Ferrario Liquarell
35 Film d-c-fix
36 Flip Textile Liner
37 Folkart Acrylic Metallic
38 Folkart Enamels
39 Galeria Acrylic
40 Gamma Old Master oil
41 Gamma Studio oil
42 Gioconda Pastel Pencils
43 Glitter Dust
44 Gouache Gamma
45 H-L Glasmal Farbe
46 H-L Glass Color
47 H-L Glass Color Pen
48 H-L Porcelain Pen 160°C
49 H-L Porcelain+Glass Pen 160°C
50 H-L Window Colors C2
51 Hoenig Acrylic PRO
52 Hoenig Art Acrylic
53 Hoenig Oil Classic
54 Hoenig Oil Fantasy
55 Hoenig Top Oil
56 Holbein Academic Oil Pastels
57 Iridescent Calligraphy Colors
58 Javana Silk
59 Javana Silk Liner
60 Javana Texi PEN
61 Javana Textile
62 Javana Textile Glitter
63 Javana Textile Metallic
64 L&B CeramiC
65 L&B Deco Silk
66 L&B Glass & Tile Opaque
67 L&B Glass & Tile Transp.
68 L&B Linel Gouache
69 L&B Textile
70 L&B Vitrail
71 Ladoga Oil paints
72 Louvre Oil paints
73 Maimeri Classico oil paints
74 Marabu Ceramica
75 Marabu DecorGlass
76 Marabu Decorlack
77 Marabu Decormatt
78 Marabu Easy Marble
79 Marabu Silk
80 Marabu glasART
81 Marabu` Fun&Fancy
82 Maries Soft Masters Pastels
83 Maries oil paints
84 Master-Class Gouache
85 Master-Class Oil paints
86 Neocolor II
87 Normex X-Film
88 Omega Gouache
89 Panda fine quality Oil Pastels
90 Pebeo Ceramic
91 Pebeo Deco Gloss
92 Pebeo Deco Matt
93 Pebeo Deco Pearl
94 Pebeo Vitrail
95 Pebeo Vitrea-160 Frosted
96 Pebeo Vitrea-160 Transp.
97 Permanent Marker
98 Plaid Fabric Liner
99 Plaid Gallery Glass
100 Podolsk Oil
101 Posca Markers
102 Rembrandt Acrylic
103 Rembrandt Oil paints
104 Rembrandt Water-Colors
105 Senta Acrylic
106 Senta Window Colors
107 Sonnet Oil paints
108 Talens Ecoline
109 Talens Gouache
110 Tempera Master-Class
111 Textile by WACO
112 Toison D'Or Soft Pastels
113 Transparent by WACO
114 Trip 3D Textile Liner
115 Van Dyck Oil paints
116 Van-Gogh Oil Pastels
117 Van-Gogh Oil paints
118 Van-Gogh Water-Colors
119 Van-Gogh200/Amsterdam Oil
120 W&N Calligraphy Ink
121 W&N Drawing Ink
122 WACO-Fin
123 Watercolor White Nights
124 Winsor&Newton Oil China
125 Winton Oil paints
126 XTC Acrylic
Van-Gogh Oil paints

Royal-Talens   ( Netherlands)
Van-Gogh Oil paints
Artists Oil Colours in tubes

Van Gogh Oil Colours meet to the requirements of the beginners and advanced amateur artists.
The main properties:
* Strong and brilliant colours
* Uniform degree of gloss and drying time
* Retains colour integrity for a long time thanks to lightfast pigments

Due to the buttery consistence of the paint Brush strokes remain very visible and the paint stais in place.
Other strong points of Van Gogh Oil Colour are an equal drying time for all colours
and a uniform degree of gloss (so that even mixed colours have an identical appearance after drying).
The colors range has opaque and transparent colours, in order to create depth effects in the painting.
Transparent colours are ideal for use in glazing paintings.
All colours are manufactured from high quality pure pigments ground in pure linseed or safflower oil.
The lightfastness varies from good to very good, so that paintings have the same colours after decades,
as the day on which they were painted.

Degree of Lightfastness:
+++ = 100 years completely lightfast under museum conditions
++ = 25-100 years lightfast under museum conditions
+ = 10-25 years lightfast under museum conditions
o = 0-10 years lightfast under museum conditions

T = Transparent (14 colors)
ST = Semi-Transparent (10 colors)
SO = Semi-Opaque (19 colors)
O = Opaque (23 colors)

66 colors.
Royal Talens, Holland

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Van-Gogh Oil paints

Titanium White Linseed Oil
1) Titanium White Linseed Oil
VGL118  [118+++O, PW6/PW4 s1]
Zink White
2) Zink White
VGL104  [104+++SO, PW4 s1]
Naples Yellow Light
3) Naples Yellow Light
VGL222  [222+++O, PW4/PY154/PBr24 s1]
Azo Yellow Lemon
4) Azo Yellow Lemon
VGL267  [267++SO, PW3/PW4 s1]
Azo Yellow Light
5) Azo Yellow Light
VGL268  [268++SO, PW3/PY74/PW4 s1]
Cadmium Yellow Light
6) Cadmium Yellow Light
VGL208  [208+++O, PY35 s2]
Cadmium Yellow Medium
7) Cadmium Yellow Medium
VGL271  [271+++O, PY35 s2]
Azo Yellow Medium
8) Azo Yellow Medium
VGL269  [269++SO, PY74/PW4 s1]
Naples Yellow Deep
9) Naples Yellow Deep
VGL223  [223+++O, PW4/PY154/PBr24 s1]
Naples Yellow Red
10) Naples Yellow Red
VGL224  [224+++O, PW4/PBr24/PO43 s1]
Azo Yellow Deep
11) Azo Yellow Deep
VGL270  [270++SO, PY74/PO43/PW4 s1]
Cadmium Yellow Deep
12) Cadmium Yellow Deep
VGL210  [210+++O, PY35/PO20 s2]
Indian Yellow
13) Indian Yellow
VGL244  [244+++T, PY110 s2]
Cadmium Orange
14) Cadmium Orange
VGL211  [211+++O, PO20 s2]
Azo Orange
15) Azo Orange
VGL276  [276++SO, PO67/PY3 s1]
Azo Red Light
16) Azo Red Light
VGL312  [312++SO, PO34 s1]
17) Vermilion
VGL311  [311++SO, PO34/PR57:1 s2]
Cadmium Red Light
18) Cadmium Red Light
VGL303  [303+++O, PR108 s2]
Permanent Red
19) Permanent Red
VGL372  [372+++SO, PR254 s2]
Azo Red Medium
20) Azo Red Medium
VGL393  [393++SO, PO34/PR57:1 s1]
Cadmium Red Medium
21) Cadmium Red Medium
VGL314  [314+++O, PR108 s2]
Azo Red Deep
22) Azo Red Deep
VGL313  [313++SO, PO34/PR57:1 s1]
Cadmium Red Deep
23) Cadmium Red Deep
VGL306  [306+++O, PR108 s2]
Madder Lake Light
24) Madder Lake Light
VGL327  [327++T, PR83/PV19 s1]
Quinacridone Rose
25) Quinacridone Rose
VGL366  [366+++T, PV19 s1]
Alizarin Crimson
26) Alizarin Crimson
VGL326  [326++T, PR83 s2]
Madder Lake Deep
27) Madder Lake Deep
VGL331  [331++T, PR83 s1]
28) Carmine
VGL318  [318++ST, PR83/PR57:1 s2]
Permanent Red Violet
29) Permanent Red Violet
VGL567  [567+++ST, PR122/PV23 s2]
30) Violet
VGL536  [536++ST, PV23/PV19 s1]
31) Ultramarine
VGL504  [504+++T, PB29 s1]
Cobalt Blue Ultramarine
32) Cobalt Blue Ultramarine
VGL512  [512+++ST, PB29 s2]
Cobalt Blue
33) Cobalt Blue
VGL511  [511+++SO, PB28 s1]
Prussian Blue
34) Prussian Blue
VGL508  [508++T, PB27 s1]
Phthalo Blue
35) Phthalo Blue
VGL570  [570+++T, PB15 s1]
Cerulean Blue
36) Cerulean Blue
VGL534  [534+++SO, PB35 s2]
Sevres Blue
37) Sevres Blue
VGL530  [530+++O, PW4/PB15 s1]
Cerulean Blue Phthalo
38) Cerulean Blue Phthalo
VGL535  [535+++O, PB15/PW4 s1]
Turquoise Blue
39) Turquoise Blue
VGL522  [522+++O, PW4/PB15/PG7 s1]
Phthalo Turquoise Blue
40) Phthalo Turquoise Blue
VGL565  [565+++T, PB15/PG7 s2]
Emerald Green
41) Emerald Green
VGL615  [615+++O, PW4/PY3/PB15 s1]
Phthalo Green
42) Phthalo Green
VGL675  [675+++T, PG7 s1]
43) Viridian
VGL616  [616+++ST, PG7/PY43 s2]
Permanent Green Deep
44) Permanent Green Deep
VGL619  [619+++SO, PY74/PB15 s2]
Fir Deep
45) Fir Deep
VGL654  [654+++O, PG7/PY43 s2]
Green Earth
46) Green Earth
VGL629  [629+++ST, PY43/PBr7/PB15 s1]
Chromium Oxide Green
47) Chromium Oxide Green
VGL668  [668+++O, PG17 s1]
Sap Green
48) Sap Green
VGL623  [623+++T, PG7/PY42 s1]
Permanent Green Medium
49) Permanent Green Medium
VGL614  [614+++SO, PG7/PY3/PW4]
Olive Green
50) Olive Green
VGL620  [620+++T, PG7/PY128 s2]
Yellowish Green
51) Yellowish Green
VGL617  [617+++SO, PG7/PY74/PW4 s1]
Yellow Ochre
52) Yellow Ochre
VGL227  [227+++O, PY42 s1]
Raw Sienna
53) Raw Sienna
VGL234  [234+++ST, PY43 s1]
Transparent Oxide Yellow
54) Transparent Oxide Yellow
VGL265  [265+++T, PY42 s2]
Transparent Oxide Red
55) Transparent Oxide Red
VGL378  [378+++T, PR101 s2]
Light Oxide Red
56) Light Oxide Red
VGL339  [339+++O, PR101 s1]
Indian Red
57) Indian Red
VGL347  [347+++O, PR101 s2]
Burnt Sienna
58) Burnt Sienna
VGL411  [411+++ST, PBr7 s1]
Mars Violet
59) Mars Violet
VGL538  [538+++O, PR101 s2]
Raw Umber
60) Raw Umber
VGL408  [408+++ST, PBr7 s1]
Burnt Umber
61) Burnt Umber
VGL409  [409+++ST, PBr7 s1]
Vandyke Brown
62) Vandyke Brown
VGL403  [403+++SO, PBr7/PBk9 s1]
Paynes Grey
63) Paynes Grey
VGL708  [708+++SO, PBk9/PB15/PV19 s2]
Lamp Black
64) Lamp Black
VGL702  [702+++SO, PBk9/PB29 s1]
Ivory Black
65) Ivory Black
VGL701  [701+++O, PBk9 s1]

Van-Gogh Oil paints

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