Paints for Textile and Silk

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  1. Marabu Silk
  2. Javana Silk
  3. Javana TEX (Textile)
  4. LeFranc & Bourgeois Textile (L&B)
  5. DecorFin Textile
  6. TCS Silkiron (Silk - Iron)
  7. DECOLA Silk-Batik

Paints for Textile are dense as gouache and acrylic. They can be used in painting on carboard and paper as usual acrylic.
Paints for Silk are liquid as water or liquid water-colors. They can be used as water-colors on a paper with new tarnsparent glass effect, when the upper transparent layer laid above dry down layer of paints without mixing of colors. You do not need to fix these paints on a paper.

If you have base colors, you can receive (at least theoretically) any other color by mixing of base colors.
In a practice you waste many time and a lot of base paints, and receive a dirty mixed colors, suitable only for demonstration the theoretical principes. Probably the reason for such results that is the base paints are not sufficient based in their colors.
Base colors are:

- Medium Yellow (close to Cadmium Medium Yellow),
- Magenta or Fucshia (Pink with red hue, but not a blue hue),
- Cyan (Blue with emerald hue)
- Black,
- White (not for all types of paints).
Red is not a base color in paints.
It is base color in Light (PC monitor, TV etc.). The base colors in light are: Red, Green and Blue (with ultramarine hue).
Check it by mixing Red and Blue, or Red and Yellow in your paints set. If you produce clean Violet color (or Orange), it is OK. If you get dirty color (brown-violet, and brown-orange etc.), your colors are not base.
Red and Orange colors you can produce by mixing Yellow and Fucshia.

Base Colors of Lights and Paints
Terminal and TV base Colors
RGB-system: Red, Green, Blue
BLACK = No LightWHITE = R+G+B RedGreen Blue
Paints and Printers Base Colors
CMYB-system: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black
Black Ink
or Paint
WHITE = no colors,
paper color
MagentaYellow Cyan

You can calculate the temperature °F from Celsium °C with the formula:
T°F = T°C * 1.8 + 32.02;
and contra:
T°C = (T°F - 32.02) / 1.8;
For example for temperature of fixation 150°C we receive results:
T°F = 150°C * 1.8 + 32.02 = 302.02°F;

Marabu Silk

Marabu Silk - water based liquid paints for Silk and Batik.
Paints for Silk and Batik.
Marabu, Germany
Glass jars 50 ml (1.7 fl.oz.)
48 colors and liquid liners for silk.

Brilliant water-based paint for all silk-painting techniques.
Intermixable and water-thinnable.
Wash and Dry-cleaning proof.
Iron Silk (50x50 sm) washoutfor 2 minutes on the reverse side at cotton-heat setting, or fix in the oven at 150°C for 15 minutes.
Stir before use.

Luminous, brilliant silk painting colour, water based, easy-flowing, fix by ironing – for school, hobby, and leisure use.
Marabu-Silk is ideal for all types of silk and fine cottons.
The intense colour shades are easily intermixed to give delightful tone blends.
Marabu-Silk offers good fading resistance and is water-thinnable.
Once dry, Marabu-Silk can be fixed by ironing or oven-curing.
After fixing, painting is washable and dry-cleanable.

Working Guidelines.
- Iron dry painted silk on the reverse side for 2 minutes at cotton heat setting, or place for 15 minutes in an oven at 150°C (302°F)to fix.
- Brushes and other utensils should be washed in water straight after use.
- Stir or lightly shake before use.
Marabu Silk: Catalog of Paints.

Javana Silk

Javana Silk - water based liquid paints for Silk and Batik.
Colors for Painting on Silk and other fabrics, which can be ironed.
C.Kreul, Germany
Glass jars 50 ml (1.7 fl.oz)
26 colors and Liquid Liners.

The flowing silk paint.
Heat set by ironing.
High brilliancy.
Ready to use.
Can be thinned and lightened with water.
Can be used for all techniques such as outlining, salt, aquarelle and air-brush.
Heat set by intensive ironing from the reverse side (cotton setting).
The silk is then lightfast, washable and dry-cleanable.

Mix well before use !
Protect from frost and heat !
Clean brushes with water.
Javana Silk: Catalog of Paints

LeFranc & Bourgeois (L&B) Textile

Lefranc & Bourgeois Textile - water based paints for Textile.
LeFranc & Bourgeois, France
Paints for Dark and Light Textile.
Plastic Jars 50 ml (1.7 fl.oz.)
42 colors.

Soft, water-based, covers all fabric colors.
Heat set with iron (5 min. each side on cotton setting).
For delicate fabrics, place a sheet of paper between iron and fabric.
Wash gently with mild detergent.
Shake well before use.
Clean brushes with water.
L&B Textile: Catalog of Paints

DecorFin Textile

DecorFin Textile - water based paints for Textile.
Royal Talens, Holland
Water-based Transparent and Opaque, Water-soluble paints for dark and light textile.
Glass jars 16 ml (0.54 fl.oz.)
30 transparent and 10 opaque colors, 3 metallic paints.

Water-proof after iron.
Ready to use.
Drying time approx. 2h
Fix with iron on reverse at least 2 mins per 25x25 sm (see washing instructions for your textile).
Washable at 60°C (140°F), silver and gold - at 40°C (104°F).
Clean brushes with water.
Never mix with turpentine, other solvent or oil paints.
For white to lightly colored, washed cotton, linen and most mixed fibres.
For dark to light Textile.

More details and Instructions for use
A water-based textile paint for decorating, printing and stencilling washed cotton, linen and most mixed fibres.
Remains colourfast and retains its suppleness even after repeated washing.
The 30 colours of Decorfin Textile Transparent give the most attractive results on white and light-coloured fabrics.
The 10 colours of Decorfin Textile Opaque are ideal for applying attractive decorations to dark-coloured fabrics.
The colours Silver en Gold are most effective used undiluted.
To preserve the glow of the colours silver and gold for as long as possible, the painted fabrics should be washed at a maximum of 40 °C; other colours can be washed at 60 °C.
The paint dries in approximately two hours.
After drying the paint should be fixed by ironing for a lasting result (see below).

A few tips on working with Decorfin Textile
1. Before applying the paint, the fabric should first be washed (following the washing instructions). This washes the dressing out of the fabric, allowing the paint to adhere better. For ease of working you can place a piece of cardboard under the fabric you wish to decorate. This prevents the paint leaking onto the tablecloth, for example. Stir the paint thoroughly before use.

2. It is necessary to protect the painted fabric by fixing the paint. This involves "pressing" the decoration, after drying, firmly on the reverse side with an iron for two minutes (pressing areas of 25 x 25 cm at a time) following the instructions on the washing label. This will ensure optimum adhesion and wash-resistance.

3. You can decorate an extremely wide variety of fabrics with Decorfin Textile. Not only cotton T-shirts, but also, for example, cushions, curtains, table napkins or duvet covers. Or how about a banner, a cap and sneakers?
The colours are ideal for use in contemporary interiors. The intense reflex and metallic colours are best used pure on light-coloured fabric, which shows them off to their best advantage.

4. Close the bottles tightly after use and do not leave any paint residue in the cap or on the thread of the bottle. Look after your brushes, clean them with water and some soap immediately after use. After cleaning place them in an empty jar with bristles pointing upwards.
If you do not intend to use the paint again for some time, add a teaspoon of water to it. The water will remain on the surface of the paint and prevent it from drying out.
DecorFin Textile: Catalog of Paints

Javana TEX

Javana Textile - water based paints for Textile.
Javana Textile
Suitable for fabric painting, airbrush, all fabric printing techniques and stencilling.
C.Kreul, Germany
21 colors
Glass jars 50 ml (1.7 fl.oz.)
The brilliant fabric paint for light colored textiles.
The highly opaque and brilliant fabric paint for dark colored textiles.
The fabric paint with a metallic effect for light and dark colored textiles.
Highly opaque

Ready to use.
Can be thinned with water.
If necessary thicken with Javana Tex Pastos.
Apply on textiles after all sizing has been removed.
Let dry.

Heat set by intensive ironing from the reverse side for 5 minutes (cotton setting), or simply let air dry (min.3 days).
The fabric is then lightfast and washable (reverse side, up to 60°C, Metallic paint - up to 40°C).

Mix well before use !
Protect from frost and heat !
Clean brushes with water.

Notes of Violtan:
The paint Javana Tex can be mixed with water-based textile paints of other companies.
Javana Textile: Catalog of Paints and Shop

TCS SilkIron

TCS SilkIron - water based paints for Silk. TCS, Germany
SILKIRON - Our silk dyes for iron-fixation.
17 colors.
Can be used for all silk techniques such as outlining, salt, aquarelle and air-brush.
Plastic Bottle 1000 ml - standard package for art-manufactory. The Label in German without description.
Plastic Jar 50 ml - Violtan packing for artist and hobby. The Label and short instructions in English and Russian.
250 ml package can be ordered with contact to us.

The fixation methods:
- By ironing 2 minutes on the reverse side, metallic - 4 minutes.
- In microwave 2 minutes, metallic 3 minutes minimum.
- In oven 10 minutes at 150°C.
- By steaming - see instructions of manufacturer of fabrics.

The paint suitable for many fabrics:
- Silk,
- Wool,
- Cotton,
- Linen (flax),
- other textile with ironing.
The paint is water-, light- resistant and cleanable.

Decola Silk-Batik

Decola Silk-Batik - water based paints for Silk. Nevskaya Palitra, St.Petersburg, Russia
Liquid water-based paint for silk and other types of natural or synthetic thin fabrics.
Colours are made on the basis of water-acrylic dispersion.
Non-toxic, ready to use.
Used for silk after contours or for free painting without contours.
Before painting on natural cotton and synthetics fabrics,
make sure of durability of attaching the painting on separate clout according with the instruction.
Apply contour and dry it during 1-1.5 hours.

Shake well bottle before use.
Use soft brush (as for water-colors) to paint on fabrics.
Dry painting during 24 hours before ironong.
To fix paints after drying, use iron on the reverse side during 5 minutes with cotton settings.
Use thin sheet of paper above fabrics to prevent its burning.
The work may be washed out in 48 hours after ironing.

Paints do not thicken fabrics.
Wash brushes and tools with water immediately after work.
Keep the paint tightly closed at 5°С-35°С (40°F-95°F).

DECOLA Silk-Batik: Catalog of Paints and Shop

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