Water-based Paints for Glass and Porcelain

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  1. Pebeo Vitrea-160
  2. Lefranc & Bourgeois Glass & Tile
  3. DecorFin Porcelain
  4. Marabu DecorGlass
  5. Marabu Ceramica
  6. Hobby Line Glass Color
  7. FolkArt Enamels

These paints are safe in use.
The transparent paints for glass have dark tones in the reflected light (and on the palette with the scanning). This is connected with the fact that they must work by translumination - in the light passing through them, but not in the reflected light as for the opaque objects.
Unfortunately, it is technically difficult or it is not possible to photograph the palette of transparent paints in the transmitted light, and in this case to transmit their true color relationships.

Pebeo Vitrea-160

Pebeo Vitrea-160 Paints for Glass. Water-Based. Pebeo, France
Transparent and frosted water-based paints for glass.
Plastic bottle 45 ml 1.5 fl.oz.
19 Transparent and 10 Frosted colors, Outliners for baking at 160° (325°F).

Colors can be mixed together and cleaned with water before backing.
Stir well before using.
Before painting with Vitrea 160, simply degrease with alcohol or soapy water.
Thin with Vitrea 160 thinner.
Leave to dry for 24 hours after application then bake in domestic oven for 40 mins of 160°C/325°F.
Place the decorated object in a cold oven.
Once the temperature has reached 160°C (325°F), allow to bake for 40 minutes.

After baking, colours are dishwasher safe and resistant to detergents and common solvents.
Time of drying for a contact about 15 minutes.
After drying within 1-7 days even without baking Paint is not washed off by water.

1. We have bake the painting with 150-180$deg;C without visible changes of color. If a baking time exceeds 1 hour, the color will more dark (burned).
2. We do not bake Stained glass on a plexiglass or big size glass. Instead we air-dry painting 7 days.
3. If the paint does not flow smoothly (due to high viscosity) on a surface, wet the brush with water before get paint on it.
4. You may add 5-10% water to a paint to lighten it. For more lightening of color, use colorless paint.
Pebeo Vitrea-160: Catalog of Paints

Lefranc & Bourgeois Glass & Tile

Lefranc & Bourgeois Glass & Tile Paints for Glass. Water-based. Lefranc & Bourgeois, France
Brilliant water-based paint for glass and ceramic ware, bathroom tiles, metals, for stained glass effects.
Plastic or Glass Bottle 50 ml, 1.7 fl.oz.
25 Transparent and 24 Opaque colors, Colourless paint for lightening colored paints.

Ready to use.
Shake well before using.
Use Glass&Tile Surface Cleaner before painting.
Live to dry 3 days.
Apply Glass&Tile (G&T) Top Coat Varnish over thin applications and bathroom tiles.
Dishwasher proof after baking in an oven 30 min. at 150°C (300°F).
No need to bake for glossiness or durability.
Do not paint surfaces that come into direct contact with food.
Never mix with turpentine, other solvent or oil paints.
Wash brushes after work with water.

The colours can be used on all the smooth supports like glass, the porcelain, earthenware but also metals and the plastics.
Always begin by degreasing the surface with the surface preparator (90° alcohol) before painting.
For objects that cannot be set in a household oven (e.g. tiles already laid), varnish and spray on the primer after degreasing.
Lightfast and waterproof.
Dishwasher safe after baking at 300°F (150°C) for 30 minutes.
L&B Glass&Tile: Catalog of Paints

DecorFin Porcelain

DecorFin Porcelain - Paints for Glass and Porcelain. Water-Based. Royal Talens, Holland
Paints for porcelain and glass.
18 Transparent colors, 18 Opaque colors, 5 Outliners
Glass Bottes 16 ml (0.54 fl.oz.).

For Heat- Resistant grounds such as ceramics, porcelain, earthenware, glass, metal.
Wash-Resistant (include Dishwasher). Glossy finish.
After drying harden in oven at 140°C for 30 min (284°F) .
Allow to cool in the oven.
Clean brushes with water.
Shake the bottle well before use.

Before you begin painting, clean the surface thoroughly (for example, with spirit) so that it is dust and grease-free.
This improves the adhesion of the paint. DecorFin Porcelain: Catalog of Paints

Marabu DecorGlass

Marabu DecorGlass - Paints for Glass and Porcelain. Water-Based. Marabu, Germany
Transparent, glossy glass painting colour, water-based.
For glass, acrylic, ceramic, porcelain, metal film, sel-curing modelling pastes, wood, board, mirrors, paper etc.
17 colors, colourless paint, outliners.
Glass Bottles 15 and 50 ml. (0.5 fl.oz and .1.7 fl.oz.)

Touch-dry after 30 minutes.
Oven-proof up to 150°C = 300°F (20-30 minutes.)
Marabu-Decorglas is wipe-proof and weatherproof.
Weather-resistant if well-adhered, but not dishwasher-proof.
Wash brushes immediately with water.
Stir before use.

Use for school, hobby and leisure purposes.
Marabu-Decorglas is excellent for use on wood, allowing the attractive grain to show through the glaze.
The intense, bright shades offer very good fading resistance, good dispersion, intermixability and can be thinned with water.
The ready-to-use transparent paint can be lightened with Marabu-Decorglas clear paint (colourless paint).

On application and during the 30–40 min drying time, Marabu-Decorglas appears milky.
After this the glass painting colour becomes glossy transparent.
Only black and white remain opaque.
Marabu Decorglass. Catalog of Paints

Marabu Ceramica

Marabu Ceramica - Water-based Paints for Glass, Porcelain, Ceramics.
Marabu, Germany
Glass Jars 50 ml and 15 ml.
40 colors.

High-gloss, water based paint for porcelain, ceramics, terra-cotta, metal, glass etc.
The paint for school, hobby, leisure-time, arts and crafts.
Marabu-Ceramica is very durable and, after oven-baking (30 minutes at 160-170 °C), weatherproof, water-proof and even dishwasher-safe.
The porcelain and ceramic paint has good lightfastness, paintability and viscosity It is ideal for all porcelain painting techniques (outline technique, stencilling, sponge technique, etc.).
Also the paints suitable for airbrushing.
It is excellently suitable for painting on porcelain, ceramic, terracotta, earthenware, pre-fired ceramic, metal, glass and Arcopal.

Working Guidelines

1. Preparation - before painting, clean the object thoroughly, (e.g. alcohol-based spirit) making sure the surface to be painted is clean and grease free. New objects should be washed with hot water and detergent first.
2. Application - Now the desired colours can be applied with a soft hair paintbrush in glaze or opaque finish. Allow an air-drying time of at least 4 hours, before baking.
3. To bake the paint, put the painted object into a cold oven set for 160°C (320 °F). When this temperature is reached, bake for 30 minutes and allow the item to cool down in the closed oven. Now it can even be washed in the dishwasher !
4. Clean brushes simply with water immediately after use.

Violtan NOTES:
These paints are transparent (exclude white and black colors).
See our images with color labels on a transparent plexiglass or vinil sheet above grid paper. Marabu Ceramics: Catalog of Paints

Hobby Line Glass Color

Hobby Line Glass Color - Paints for Glass and Porcelain. Water-Based. C.Kreul, Germany
Acrylic Glass Painting Color.
For decorations on Glass, china, ceramics, acrylic, metal, metallic foil, mirrors...
17 colors and colourless paint.
Glass bottles 50 ml. 1.7 fl.oz.

Trasparent, high-gloss, water-based glass painting color.
Mixable together, with good light and water-resistance, weather-proof onto non-absorbent ground.
The ground should be dust- and fat-free.
Brighten up with glass painting colors (#42601).
Burnable up to 160°C=320°F for 30 minutes.
Dry in the open air for several hours (at least 4h) before baking.
Dishwasher safe after burning.
Stir prior to use.
Immediately clean paint brushes with water.
Protect from frost and heat !
Hobby Line Glass Color. Catalog of Paints.M

FolkArt Enamels

FolkArt Enamels - Paints for Glass and Porcelain. Water-Based. Plaid Enterprises Inc., USA
Acrylic Opaque gloss colors for Glass & Ceramics.
Water-based, non-toxic.
40 colors, medium, gloss and mat varnish
Plastic Bottless 59 ml. = 2 fl.oz.

Clean surface with alcohol.
Clean surface while wet with soap and water.
Shake before use.
Air dry for 21 days or bake.
- Air dry 1 hour
- Place in cool oven, heat to 350°F (177°C).
- Bake 30 minutes, cool in oven, remove.

Do not use in direct contact with food.
Handwash or top rack dishwasher safe.
FolkArt Enamels: Catalog of Paints

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