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1 Acrylic Master-Class
2 Acrylic Studio
3 Americana Gloss Enamels
4 Amos Glass Deco
5 Amsterdam Expert Acrylic
6 Amsterdam Standard Acrylic
7 Art Acryl AQUA
8 Artidee 3D-Crystal
9 Artisan W.M.Oil
10 Bombay Ink
11 Cobra/Van-Gogh H2Oil
12 Cotman Water-Colors
13 Craft Twinkles
14 DEKA Silk
15 Daler-Rowney Water-Colors
16 Daler-Rowney oil paints
17 DecoArt Glass Stain
18 DecoArt Metal
19 DecoArt Stencil Paints Acryl
20 DecoArt Stencil Paints DBF
21 DecoArt UltraFrost
22 DecoArt UltraGloss
23 Decola Batik
24 Decola Textile Liners
25 DecorFin Glass
26 Decorfin Porcelain Opaque
27 Decorfin Porcelain Transp.
28 Decorfin Textile
29 Decorfin Universal Gloss
30 Decorfin Universal Satin
31 Decorfin glass liner
32 Faber-Castell Gouache
33 Faber-Castell Soft Pastels
34 Ferrario Liquarell
35 Film d-c-fix
36 Flip Textile Liner
37 Folkart Acrylic Metallic
38 Folkart Enamels
39 Galeria Acrylic
40 Gamma Old Master oil
41 Gamma Studio oil
42 Gioconda Pastel Pencils
43 Glitter Dust
44 Gouache Gamma
45 H-L Glasmal Farbe
46 H-L Glass Color
47 H-L Glass Color Pen
48 H-L Porcelain Pen 160°C
49 H-L Porcelain+Glass Pen 160°C
50 H-L Window Colors C2
51 Hoenig Acrylic PRO
52 Hoenig Art Acrylic
53 Hoenig Oil Classic
54 Hoenig Oil Fantasy
55 Hoenig Top Oil
56 Holbein Academic Oil Pastels
57 Iridescent Calligraphy Colors
58 Javana Silk
59 Javana Silk Liner
60 Javana Texi PEN
61 Javana Textile
62 Javana Textile Glitter
63 Javana Textile Metallic
64 L&B CeramiC
65 L&B Deco Silk
66 L&B Glass & Tile Opaque
67 L&B Glass & Tile Transp.
68 L&B Linel Gouache
69 L&B Textile
70 L&B Vitrail
71 Ladoga Oil paints
72 Louvre Oil paints
73 Maimeri Classico oil paints
74 Marabu Ceramica
75 Marabu DecorGlass
76 Marabu Decorlack
77 Marabu Decormatt
78 Marabu Easy Marble
79 Marabu Silk
80 Marabu glasART
81 Marabu` Fun&Fancy
82 Maries Soft Masters Pastels
83 Maries oil paints
84 Master-Class Gouache
85 Master-Class Oil paints
86 Neocolor II
87 Normex X-Film
88 Omega Gouache
89 Panda fine quality Oil Pastels
90 Pebeo Ceramic
91 Pebeo Deco Gloss
92 Pebeo Deco Matt
93 Pebeo Deco Pearl
94 Pebeo Vitrail
95 Pebeo Vitrea-160 Frosted
96 Pebeo Vitrea-160 Transp.
97 Permanent Marker
98 Plaid Fabric Liner
99 Plaid Gallery Glass
100 Podolsk Oil
101 Posca Markers
102 Rembrandt Acrylic
103 Rembrandt Oil paints
104 Rembrandt Water-Colors
105 Senta Acrylic
106 Senta Window Colors
107 Sonnet Oil paints
108 Talens Ecoline
109 Talens Gouache
110 Tempera Master-Class
111 Textile by WACO
112 Toison D'Or Soft Pastels
113 Transparent by WACO
114 Trip 3D Textile Liner
115 Van Dyck Oil paints
116 Van-Gogh Oil Pastels
117 Van-Gogh Oil paints
118 Van-Gogh Water-Colors
119 Van-Gogh200/Amsterdam Oil
120 W&N Calligraphy Ink
121 W&N Drawing Ink
122 WACO-Fin
123 Watercolor White Nights
124 Winsor&Newton Oil China
125 Winton Oil paints
126 XTC Acrylic
Master-Class Oil paints

Nevskaya Palitra   ( Russia)
Master-Class Oil paints
Professional Oil Colors of Master grade

St.Petersburg MASTER CLASS Extra-Fine Artists Oil Colors
Master Class - artistic oil paints of supreme quality for demanding professionals and amateurs.
The manufacturer of Master-Class produces also worldwide known and very successful White Nights water-colors.

Master Class artistic oil paints are made from high quality pigments and binders
based on specially treated linseed oil, with the addition of natural resins - dammar and mastic -
that have positive effect on visual qualities of paints.

Most paints consist of oily ONE pigment, which creates colors of superb intensity
and purity with high light-fastness, and mixing qualities.
Many of the colours in these sets are ** or *** star on lightfast rating.

The palette consists primarily of traditional colors from natural earthly, cadmium, cobalt,
and iron oxide pigments, and is characterized by a perfect balance between primer and finishing paints.

Degree of Lightfastness under museum conditions (sign on the tubes):
*** - 100 years completely lightfast
** - 25-100 years lightfast
* - 10-25 years lightfast

Opacity (Signs in our catalogs):
TR = Transparent
ST = Semi-Transparent
SO = Semi-Opaque
OP = Opaque.

P - International Pigment's Code (see in the description of paint).
PWxx - White (number хх)
PYxx - Yellow
PRxx - Red
PVxx - Violet
PBxx - Blue
PGxx - Green
PBrxx - Brown
PBkxx - Black
PXtr - Pigment X Transparent

Tube 46 ml (1.55 oz.)
Nevskaya Palitra, St.Petersburg, Russia

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Master-Class Oil paints

Zink White 46ml
1) Zink White 46ml
PMK100  [100***ST, PW4, s1]
Titanium White
2) Titanium White
PMK101  [101***OP, PW6/PW4, s1]
Strontium Yellow
3) Strontium Yellow
PMK207  [207*OP, PY32, s2]
Cadmium Lemon
4) Cadmium Lemon
PMK203  [203**OP, PY35, s3]
Cadmium Yellow Light
5) Cadmium Yellow Light
PMK200  [200***OP, PY35, s3]
Cadmium Yellow Medium
6) Cadmium Yellow Medium
PMK201  [201***OP, PY35, s3]
Naples Yellow Pale
7) Naples Yellow Pale
PMK223  [223***OP, PY42/PW4/PW6]
Naples Flesh
8) Naples Flesh
PMK222  [222***OP, PY42/PR101/PW4/PW6]
Naples Rose
9) Naples Rose
PMK333  [333***OP, PR101/PW4/PW6]
Cadmium Yellow Deep
10) Cadmium Yellow Deep
PMK202  [202***OP, PY37, s3]
Cadmium Orange
11) Cadmium Orange
PMK304  [304***OP, PO20, s3]
12) Orange
PMK315  [315***ST, PO64, s3]
Vermilion hue
13) Vermilion hue
PMK312  [312**ST, PR4/PY1/PW6, s2]
Cadmium Red Light
14) Cadmium Red Light
PMK302  [302***OP, PR108, s3]
Geranium Red
15) Geranium Red
PMK364  [364***ST PR242 s3]
Cadmium Red Deep
16) Cadmium Red Deep
PMK303  [303***OP, PR108, s3]
Thioindigo Pink hue
17) Thioindigo Pink hue
PMK310  [310***ST PR207, s3]
Coral Rose
18) Coral Rose
PMK353  [353**OP, PR4/PW6/PW4, s1]
Petersburg Rose
19) Petersburg Rose
PMK354  [354**OP, PR170/PW6/PW4]
Naples Coral
20) Naples Coral
PMK376  [376**OP, PW6/PW4/PY42/PR4]
Petersburg Lilac
21) Petersburg Lilac
PMK617  [617**OP, PR63:1/PW6/PW4]
Madder Lake Red Permanent
22) Madder Lake Red Permanent
PMK339  [339**TR, PR187, s1]
Madder Lake Rose Permanent
23) Madder Lake Rose Permanent
PMK338  [338**TR, PR146, s1]
Quinacridone Red
24) Quinacridone Red
PMK361  [361***ST, PV19, s2]
Madder Lake Purple Permanent
25) Madder Lake Purple Permanent
PMK340  [340**TR, PR63:1, s1]
Quinacridone Pink
26) Quinacridone Pink
PMK324  [324***ST, PV19, s2]
Cadmium Purple
27) Cadmium Purple
PMK306  [306***OP, PR108]
Perylene Bordeaux
28) Perylene Bordeaux
PMK381  [381***OP, PR179/PV23]
Venetian Purple
29) Venetian Purple
PMK365  [365***ST PR179/PR102 s3]
Quinacridone Lilac
30) Quinacridone Lilac
PMK609  [609***ST, PV19, s2]
Quinacridone Violet-Rose
31) Quinacridone Violet-Rose
PMK622  [622***ST, PR122, s2]
Ultramarine Rose
32) Ultramarine Rose
PMK341  [341**ST, PR259, s2]
Manganese Violet Light
33) Manganese Violet Light
PMK614  [614***ST, PV16, s3]
Quinacridone Violet
34) Quinacridone Violet
PMK621  [621***ST, PV55, s2]
Cobalt Violet Light
35) Cobalt Violet Light
PMK602  [602**TR, PV14, s4]
Cobalt Violet Deep
36) Cobalt Violet Deep
PMK603  [603***ST, PV14, s5]
Ultramarine Violet
37) Ultramarine Violet
PMK613  [613**ST, PV15, s2]
Dioxazine Violet
38) Dioxazine Violet
PMK628  [628***OP, PV23, s2]
Ultramarine Deep
39) Ultramarine Deep
PMK521  [521**ST, PB29, s2]
Ultramarine Light
40) Ultramarine Light
PMK501  [501**ST, PB29, s2]
Cobalt Blue Spectral
41) Cobalt Blue Spectral
PMK502  [502***ST, PB74, s4]
Cobalt Blue Medium
42) Cobalt Blue Medium
PMK505  [505***ST, PB28, s4]
Light King Blue
43) Light King Blue
PMK528  [528**OP, PB29/PW6/PW4]
Indanternal Blue
44) Indanternal Blue
PMK524  [524***ST, PB60, s4]
Prussian Blue
45) Prussian Blue
PMK518  [518**ST, PB27, s1]
Phthalocyanine Blue
46) Phthalocyanine Blue
PMK500  [500**TR, PB15, s1]
47) Indigo
PMK516  [516**ST, PB15/PBk7, s2]
Ceruleum Blue
48) Ceruleum Blue
PMK503  [503***ST, PB35, s4]
Celestial Blue
49) Celestial Blue
PMK512  [512**ST, PB15:3/PW4, s2]
Chromium-Cobalt Green-Blue
50) Chromium-Cobalt Green-Blue
PMK709  [709**OP, PB36, s4]
Chromium-Cobalt Blue-Green
51) Chromium-Cobalt Blue-Green
PMK708  [708**OP, PB36, s4]
52) Turquoise
PMK507  [507**TR, PB15:3/PG7/PW4, s2]
Turkish Blue
53) Turkish Blue
PMK527  [527**OP, PG7/PG15/PW6/PW4]
Turkish Green
54) Turkish Green
PMK733  [733***OP, PG7/PW6/PW4]
Malachite Light Green
55) Malachite Light Green
PMK732  [732***OP, PG7/PY83/PW6/PW4]
Phthalo Green
56) Phthalo Green
PMK703  [703**TR, PG7, s2]
Emerald Green
57) Emerald Green
PMK720  [720**ST, PG7/PB15/PG17/PG8/PY3, s1]
Cobalt Green Deep
58) Cobalt Green Deep
PMK705  [705***OP, PG19, s4]
Cobalt Green Light
59) Cobalt Green Light
PMK706  [706***OP, PG19, s4]
Oxide of Chromium
60) Oxide of Chromium
PMK704  [704***OP, PG17, s2]
English Green Deep
61) English Green Deep
PMK738  [738***ST, PY35/PB27, s2]
English Green Light
62) English Green Light
PMK737  [737***ST, PY35/PB27, s2]
Viridian Green
63) Viridian Green
PMK701  [701*ST, PG8/PY1, s1]
64) Volchonskoite
PMK700  [700***TR, PG23, s5]
65) Glaukonite
PMK702  [702***TR, PG23, s1]
Green Tavush
66) Green Tavush
PMK736  [736***TR, PG23, s2]
Sap Green
67) Sap Green
PMK716  [716**OP, PG8/PY83, s1]
May Green
68) May Green
PMK745  [745***ST, PY35/PG36, s3]
Olive Green
69) Olive Green
PMK727  [727***ST, PG17/PY83/PBk7, s1]
Araratskaya Green
70) Araratskaya Green
PMK715  [715**TR, PY42tr/PG8, s1]
Olive Green Arzakan
71) Olive Green Arzakan
PMK740  [740***TR, PG23]
Green  Bgny
72) Green Bgny
PMK739  [739***TR, PG23]
Vermilion Yellow-Green
73) Vermilion Yellow-Green
PMK746  [746***ST, PY35/PB29/PW6]
Irgazin Yellow
74) Irgazin Yellow
PMK257  [257***TR, PY129]
Yellow Travertine
75) Yellow Travertine
PMK246  [246***TR, PY43, s2]
Yellow Ochre
76) Yellow Ochre
PMK218  [218***ST, PY43, s1]
Ochre Light
77) Ochre Light
PMK206  [206***ST, PY43, s1]
Gold Ochre
78) Gold Ochre
PMK205  [205***ST, PY43/PR102, s1]
Golden Yellow
79) Golden Yellow
PMK249  [249***ST, PY42/PY150, s1]
Naples Yellow
80) Naples Yellow
PMK209  [209**OP, PY37/PY42/PO20/PW4, s2]
Orange Travertin
81) Orange Travertin
PMK248  [248***TR, PR102]
Indian Yellow
82) Indian Yellow
PMK228  [228**TR, PY83/PR101tr, s2]
Yellow Ochre Metzkar
83) Yellow Ochre Metzkar
PMK242  [242***TR, PY43]
Yellow Vike
84) Yellow Vike
PMK245  [245***OP, PY43, s2]
Ochre Deep Cotayk
85) Ochre Deep Cotayk
PMK241  [241***ST, PY43, s2]
Terracotta Ochre
86) Terracotta Ochre
PMK435  [435***ST, PW4/PY43/PR102]
Golden Arzakan
87) Golden Arzakan
PMK247  [247***TR, PY43, s2]
Raw Sienna
88) Raw Sienna
PMK405  [405***ST, PBr7, s2]
Light Brown Sevan
89) Light Brown Sevan
PMK427  [427***ST, PBr7]
Transparent Mars Yellow
90) Transparent Mars Yellow
PMK204  [204***TR, PY42tr, s2]
Transparent Mars Orange
91) Transparent Mars Orange
PMK308  [308***TR, PR101tr, s2]
Red Ochre
92) Red Ochre
PMK309  [309***OP, PR102, s1]
English Red
93) English Red
PMK300  [300***OP, PR101, s1]
Shakhnazarskaya Red
94) Shakhnazarskaya Red
PMK311  [311***ST, PR102, s2]
Indian Red
95) Indian Red
PMK301  [301***OP, PR101, s2]
Venetian Red
96) Venetian Red
PMK357  [357***ST, PR102/PR187, s1]
Cherry Metskar
97) Cherry Metskar
PMK359  [359***ST, PR102, s2]
Reddish-Brown Vike
98) Reddish-Brown Vike
PMK414  [414***OP, PBr7]
Reddish-Brown Sevan
99) Reddish-Brown Sevan
PMK358  [358***OP, PR102]
Gutankarsky Crimson
100) Gutankarsky Crimson
PMK360  [360***OP, PR102, s2]
Gutankarskaya Violet
101) Gutankarskaya Violet
PMK619  [619**OP, PR102, s1]
Caput Mortuum Deep
102) Caput Mortuum Deep
PMK601  [601***OP, PR101, s2]
Cherry Red Tavush
103) Cherry Red Tavush
PMK356  [356**OP, PR102, s2]
Burnt Sienna
104) Burnt Sienna
PMK406  [406***ST, PBr7, s2]
Mars Brown Light
105) Mars Brown Light
PMK402  [402***ST, PBr7, s1]
Transparent Mars Brown Deep
106) Transparent Mars Brown Deep
PMK404  [404***TR, PBr6tr, s2]
Mars Brown Deep
107) Mars Brown Deep
PMK403  [403***ST, PBr7, s1]
Burnt Umber
108) Burnt Umber
PMK408  [408***OP, PBr7, s2]
Violet-Grey Lory
109) Violet-Grey Lory
PMK816  [816***ST, Br7, s2]
Violet-Brown Sevan
110) Violet-Brown Sevan
PMK428  [428***ST, PBr7]
Vandyke Brown
111) Vandyke Brown
PMK401  [401*ST, PBr7, s2]
Raw Umber Leningradskaya
112) Raw Umber Leningradskaya
PMK407  [407***OP, PBr7, s2]
Warm Grey
113) Warm Grey
PMK821  [821**OP, PW6/PW4/PY42/PBk8/PR10, s2]
Peterburgskaya Grey
114) Peterburgskaya Grey
PMK808  [808**OP, PB35/PBr7/PW6, s2]
Black Travertine
115) Black Travertine
PMK817  [817***ST, PBk8, s2]
116) Payne's Grey
PMK812  [812**ST, PB29/PBk7, s1]
Mars Black
117) Mars Black
PMK800  [800***OP, PBk11, s2]
Mars Warm Black
118) Mars Warm Black
PMK813  [813***OP, PBk11/PR101, s3]
Ivory Black hue
119) Ivory Black hue
PMK811  [811***OP, PBk9, s2]
Ivory Black
120) Ivory Black
PMK815  [815***OP, PBk9, s2]
Lamp Black
121) Lamp Black
PMK801  [801**OP, PBk7, s1]

Master-Class Oil paints

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