Your monthly payments under the Bank's Loan

The program will use the temporary file name, based on your eMail, but it is not eMail.
It needs only for calculation and for downloading the results, to avoid conflict with other users.

The site does not store and does not show your data to somebody after calculation.
We do not send any advertisements.

The method of calculation supposes equal monthly payments under the loan with constant bank's percent (ribit).
You make prediction for average annually price index, if you desire to get results with inflation index.

Insurance of the loan is about %1 and not taken into account.
Calculation is carried out for all period of payments.
You can enter the desirable period to show results after initial month of the loan, or you can get the table for entire payment period.

You can make calculation also for the rest sum of the loan with the rest term of payments,
if you already have payed loan some years before this calculation.
It will also to correct results with changes of inflation index.

Your Name
Your e-Mail
The initial Sum of the loan (the Fund)
Or the rest of your debt in this calculation.
Do not enter gapes in the value and sign of your currency
That is, 125000 is correct, but $125,000 is incorrect record in the field.
Number of Payments
Number of full years and number of months in last year.
If you have entered the rest of the debt here,
it is necessary to enter the rest of term.
Loan Years (0-30)
Months in not full last year (0-11)
Annual bank's % (ribit)
It is constant for all term of payments.
Do not enter char %.
% Bindings of share payments to a price index.
For bank loans 100 %, for preferential loan as usual it is 80%.
Do not enter char %
Mid-Annual Price Index (Inflation).
Your estimation for the stayed period of payments.
Do not enter char %
Initial Years and Months to show results
It is after initial date of the loan
or its part in this calculation.
Years to Show results after initial date of the loan (0...30):
Months in the last not full year (0-11)
Number of months to show
1...360 for 10 years etc.
0 = all rest of term.
Months interval to Show Results
Each 1...12 months of payments.

        EXAMPLE of Loan Calculation

1. Do not press twice button Submit, wait result some seconds.
2. You can download results of calculations from your browser
Right Click/Save As.. (your_file_name.TXT or CSV)
3. File CSV you can view in the MS Exel or OpenOffice with field separator | (near the Back Key).

Method and program of this calculation by Vitaly Eremenko, 2006.

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