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Aquafine Travel Set Watercolour 18 DR

Aquafine Travel Set Watercolour 18 DR Daler-Rowney paints
The ideal watercolour travel companion with 18 colours and a mini brush. Travel Set. Round metal box D=145mm, H=20mm. Daler-Rowney, England

Watercolour Travel Set Aquafine 18 colours.
A perfect travel companion for every watercolour artist.
The Aquafine watercolour range has been specially formulated
to provide the watercolourist with vibrant, free flowing transparent
colours which can be mixed for endless creative possibilities.
This set is an ideal travel companion of 18 half pan colours and mini-brush,
conveniently presented in a compact case featurng 2 detachable mixing palettes.
Here you can see Colors chart of Daler-Rowney Watercolors

    The Composition:
  1. 001***ST. Chinese White.
  2. 651***T. Lemon Yellow.
  3. 640***T. Gamboge hue.
  4. 620***ST. Cadmium Yellow hue.
  5. 588***ST. Vermilion hue.
  6. 571***T. Scarlet Lake.
  7. 515***T. Alizarin Crimson.
  8. 433**T. Purple.
  9. 135**T. Prussian Blue.
  10. 123***T. Ultramarine.
  11. 110***ST. Cobalt Blue hue.
  12. 112**ST. Cerulean hue.
  13. 375***T. Sap Green.
  14. 382***T. Viridian hue.
  15. 663****ST. Yellow Ochre.
  16. 221****T. Burnt Sienna.
  17. 223****ST. Burnt Umber.
  18. 034****ST. Ivory Black.
  19. Brush #4 Aquafine, L=115mm, Hair D=3mm.
  20. Detachable Palette 2 places * 2 pcs

Contents may vary.
Daler-Rowney Ltd., England

SKU DRWC18T:   $40.03 USD
188 gr / 200 g

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