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Water-Soluble Wax-Pastel 30 Caran d'Ache

Water-Soluble Wax-Pastel 30 Caran d Other Companies
Neocolor II Classic. Water-Soluble tranasparent wax pastels 30 colors (as watercolor pencils). L=104mm, D=7mm. Metal box. Caran d'Ache, Switzerland

Suitable for numerous artistic techniques on a wide range of materials.
NEOCOLOR II water-soluble wax pastels are a product of Caran d'Ache innovation.
They combine the expertise of a specialist in colours with the great "Swiss Made" tradition.
42 completely new colors created from original pigments extend the Caran d'Ache palette to 126 colors.
These are exceptional, both for their quality and the techniques they make possible.
This is the opportunity for all professional and amateur artists to fully express their talent and imagination.

Colors Chart

    The Composition:
  1. 001. White
  2. 240. Lemon Yellow
  3. 010. Yellow
  4. 030. Orange
  5. 051. Salmon
  6. 060. Vermilion
  7. 070. Scarlet
  8. 081. Pink
  9. 080. Carmine
  10. 090. Purple
  11. 110. Lilac
  12. 120. Violet
  13. 131. Periwinkle Blue
  14. 140. Ultramarine
  15. 161. Light Blue
  16. 159. Prussian Blue
  17. 160. Cobalt Blue
  18. 171. Turquoise Blue
  19. 180. Malachite Green
  20. 210. Emerald Green
  21. 230. Yellow Green
  22. 245. Light Olive
  23. 249. Olive
  24. 049. Raw Umber
  25. 035. Ochre
  26. 065. Russet
  27. 059. Brown
  28. 003. Light Grey
  29. 005. Grey
  30. 009. Black

Keep away from sun and heat.
Caran d'Ache, Swiss made

SKU CRWC30:   $71.90 USD
417 g / 425 g

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