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HTML5 Canvas 2D: Kaleidoscope Generator


This is kaleidoscope random Generator.
It uses new technology HTML5 Canvas 2D (Vector Graphics).
Click 'Next Kaleidoscope' menu item below or Refresh button on Browser to generate next picture.
If this page does not work properly, please install and use new browser, that have HTML5 support:
IE 9 (Windows 7) or later, FireFox 4.x or later, Google Chrome, Opera etc.

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Canvas 2D: 800 x 600 px, Frame 12 px:

Click 'Mouse Right Button/Save Image As...' in the field of interesting image. You cannot get it next time.
Or press [Print Screen] Key to fix and 'Save As' some image.
Use the Kaleidoscope Image as idea for your own Stained Glass Window.