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Colors for Hobby, Art & Craft online

Russian Art-Wares

Artistic oil colors, watercolours, acrylic, gouache, tempera, oil and soft pastels, pigments, pencils and stencils.
Kolinsky, squirrel, bristle and synthetic artisctic brushes from Russia.
Nevskay Palitra in St.Petersburg, Gamma in Moscow, Podolsk Art-Center.
Master Class oil colors, White Nights water colors etc.
Paints for professional artists, beginners, amateurs, students, schools and hobby.

Colors by Types | Colors by Brands | MAP of the RU-Colors
Master-Class oil
Nevskaya Palitra: Master-Class oil
Professional Oil colors of Master grade
Gouache Gamma
Gamma: Gouache Gamma
Goauche Colors for hobby and craft, Moscow
Kolinsky Brushes Albatros
Albatros: Kolinsky Brushes Albatros
Brushes for all types of artists colors
Gamma Canvas Panel
Gamma: Gamma Canvas Panel
Canvas panel for Oil or Acrylic Painting

Colors for Art & Craft

Artistic and Decorative paints, contours, drawing and calligraphy inks.
Manufacturers in Holland, France, Germany, England, USA, Italy, South Korea, China, Israel.
Colors and Liners for glass, plexiglass, ceramics, china, porcelain, tile, textile, silk, batik, wood, plastic, metal etc.
Transparent solvent and water-based paints for artificial stained glass windows.
Opaque paints for porcelain and ceramics. Gloss, frost and mat paints.
H2-Oil and Oil colors, Acrylic, Gouache, Watercolors, Pastels.

Wares by Types | Wares by Brands | MAP of the Hobby-Paints
H-L Porcelain Pen 160°C
C.Kreul: H-L Porcelain Pen 160°C
Hobby-Line Pen for porcelain, glass, metal, glaced ceramics
Pebeo Deco Matt
Pebeo: Pebeo Deco Matt
Opaque Matt acrylic paints for wood, plaster, terracotta, cardboard, metal
XTC Acrylic
Hoenig Art Colours Ltd.: XTC Acrylic
Artistic Acrylic Color for students and amateurs
Art & Craft Materials
UNI Posca Markes for any surface. Suitable also for body-art. UNI Mitsubishi, Japan.

Color Charts and Descriptions of paints and pastels

Above 110 brand-names and manufacturers of art-paints.
Color Charts of Watercolors, Oil colors, Acrylic, Gouache, Tempera, soft and oil pastels, Paints for glass, tile, textile, silk, wood etc.
Pigment Compositions of professional colors.
Sample of Color Charts


Painting on canvas, carboard, paper, glass, plexiglass, glasswares, silk, batik.
Samples and patterns of artificial stained glass windows.
Oil color painting, acrylic, gouache, watercolors.
Violtan: View of the monastery of Molchalniks
View of the monastery of Molchalniks
 Photo and Illustrations
Eremenko Vitaly: The Wailing Wall in Jerusalem
Eremenko Vitaly
The Wailing Wall in Jerusalem
 Artificial Stained Glass
Eremenko Vitaly: Northern Caucasia in Russia.
Eremenko Vitaly
Northern Caucasia in Russia.
 Artificial Stained Glass
Kaplun Vladimir: Early spring
Kaplun Vladimir
Early spring
 Oil Paintings
Kaplun Vladimir: Velvet lilac
Kaplun Vladimir
Velvet lilac
 Oil Paintings

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