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Colors for Hobby, Art & Craft online

Artistic and Decorative paints, contours, drawing and calligraphy inks.
Manufacturers in Holland, France, Germany, England, USA, Italy, South Korea, China, Israel.
Colors and Liners for glass, plexiglass, ceramics, china, porcelain, tile, textile, silk, batik, wood, plastic, metal etc.
Transparent solvent and water-based paints for artificial stained glass windows.
Opaque paints for porcelain and ceramics. Gloss, frost and mat paints.
H2-Oil and Oil colors, Acrylic, Gouache, Watercolors, Pastels.
Pebeo Vitrea-160 Frosted
Pebeo: Pebeo Vitrea-160 Frosted
Frosted transparent water-based Paints for Glass, Porcelain
Pebeo glass Liner
Pebeo: Pebeo glass Liner
Iridescent paints and contours for Glass and Porcelain
Javana Textile Glitter
C.Kreul: Javana Textile Glitter
Water-based glitter colors for light and dark colored Fabrics.
Marabu Decorlack
Marabu: Marabu Decorlack
Opaque Gloss acrylic lacquer for wood, cardboard, paper, modelling pastes, polystyrene, metal, clay, stone, glass, plastics
Hoenig Oil Classic
Hoenig Art Colours Ltd.: Hoenig Oil Classic
Professional Oil Paints Brush Mark
Omega Gouache
Omega-cat: Omega Gouache
Semitransparent Gouache Paints
DecorFin Patina
Royal-Talens: DecorFin Patina
Paints for patinating objects giving an antique look
Different Companies
Other Companies: Different Companies
Color Sand, wares for Hobby & Craft

Color Charts and Info about Colors and Pigments

Above 110 brand-names and manufacturers of art-paints.
Color Charts and details of Watercolors, Oil colors, Acrylic, Gouache, Tempera, pastels,
paints for glass, porcelain, textile, silk, wood etc.
Pigments Composition in professional colors.

Sample of Color Charts


Painting on canvas, carboard, paper, glass, plexiglass, glasswares, silk, batik.
Samples and patterns of artificial stained glass windows.
Oil color painting, acrylic, gouache, watercolors.
Eremenko Diana: Swans
Eremenko Diana
Girish Salvi: Wrestling for Life
Girish Salvi
Wrestling for Life
 Painting on Glass
Eremenko Vitaly: Rectangular Pattern 1 for Vitrag
Eremenko Vitaly
Rectangular Pattern 1 for Vitrag
 Patterns for Vitrag
 Contour for Painting
Eremenko Vitaly: Flower Pattern 3 for Vitrag
Eremenko Vitaly
Flower Pattern 3 for Vitrag
 Patterns for Vitrag
 Contour for Painting
Eremenko Vitaly: The Western Wailing Wall in Jerusalem.
Eremenko Vitaly
The Western Wailing Wall in Jerusalem.
 Traditional Painting

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