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The button may have your sizes, text label and text color.
It may be used in php- or html-page, in your HTML-form.
- The round borders, gradient colors and other details should be prepared on your image.
We use file BTN_BG_IMAGE1.PNG as background image for button 1: and BTN_BG_IMAGE2.PNG as background image for button 2:
Background Image for Button 1 Background Image for Button 2
These images must have PNG-type to support transparent color in the corners.
The size of image is not important.
You may use different images in defferent folders on your site.
The button code will scale this image to button sizes.

Example of the round button in the page:
round button round button
< IMG SRC='vit_image_button.php?TEXT=My+Image+Button&W=200&H=50&TEXTRGB=FFFF00' ALT='round button' NAME='my button' HSPACE=10 VSPACE=5 BORDER=0 >
< IMG SRC='vit_image_button.php?IMAGE=BTN_BG_IMAGE2.PNG&TEXT=My+Button2&W=160&H=30&TEXTRGB=000000' ALT='round button' NAME='my button' HSPACE=10 VSPACE=5 BORDER=0 >

This is PHP5 code to create Image Button.
P.S. Remove initial space in tags in your real code.
Initial space has inserted in tags to show code without php- or browser interpretation.
File code: vit_mage_button.php

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