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Art Creation Acrylic 24x12ml

Art Creation Acrylic 24x12ml ArtCreation
Set of 24 Acrylic colors in tubes 12 ml. Talens, Holland

Art Creation Expression Acrylic color set 24 x 12 ml.
(white x 2 tubes + 22 colors).
ArtCreation acrylic colours are a modern and versatile paint that can be used in various ways.
The colours are easy to mix and you can use them on many different grounds as long as
they are free of dust and grease and are sufficiently absorbent.
Examples include, of course, artists’ canvas and paper;
however, plaster, board, wood, stone and cement provide good grounds as well.
Acrylic colours are thinnable with water, dry quickly and once dry the paint is waterproof.
The drying time is often less than an hour, depending on the thickness of the paint layer.

    The composition:
  1. 105. Titanium White x 2 tubes
  2. 267. Azo Yellow Lemon
  3. 275. Primary Yellow
  4. 270. Azo Yellow Deep
  5. 276. Azo Orange
  6. 396. Naphthol Red Medium
  7. 318. Carmine
  8. 369. Primary Magenta
  9. 567. Permanent Red Violet
  10. 568. Permanent Blue Violet
  11. 504. Ultramarine
  12. 512. Cobalt Blue (Ultram.)
  13. 572. Primary Cyan
  14. 570. Phthalo Blue
  15. 564. Brilliant Blue
  16. 661. Turquoise Green
  17. 617. Yellowish Green.
  18. 618. Permanent Green Light
  19. 619. Permanent Green Deep
  20. 227. Yellow Ochre
  21. 411. Burnt Sienna
  22. 409. Burnt Umber
  23. 701. Ivory Black

24 colors in 12 ml Tubes (0.41 oz x 24)
Royal Talens, Holland

SKU TAC24:   $33.71 USD
12ml x 24 / 520 g

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