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Watercolors 6 Starry Colors

Watercolors 6 Starry Colors Gansai Tambi Watercolors
Golden pearl-tinted Gansai for for professional artists and crafters. Ideal for calligraphy, illustrations, brush lettering and more. 6 metallic colors set. Made in Japan.

Kuretake GANSAI TAMBI solid metallic watercolors, set 6 colors in pans.
Golden pearl-tinted Gansai for for professional artists and crafters.
Ideal for calligraphy, illustrations, brush lettering and more!
Each Pan Size 47x28x10 mm.
Paint in each Pan 44x25x3 mm.
Carton Size 196x72x15 mm.

    Composition of the Set:
  1. #906 White Gold
  2. #905 Light Gold
  3. #904 Champagne Gold
  4. #903 Yellow Gold
  5. #902 Red Gold
  6. #901 Blue Gold

- Apply water brush with color to activate it.
- Available in set of 12 colors, 18 colors, 24 colors, and 36 colors.
- Gansai pan may exhibit cracking due to extreme dryness, however,
it does not affect their quality.
- Occasionally, Gansai pan texture may look rough due to tiny air bubbles
which can occur during production, which does not affect their quality.
- Please create a color chart by painting the color onto the chart
on the back side of a lid.

Please note:
- Not intended for use by children
- When in store, keep Gansai pan horizontally with pallet facing upwards.
- Do not leave in direct sunlight or in high temperatures.
- Do not use for a purpose other than as intended.
- Wash your brush after use.
- Make sure pallet is dry before storing.

Conforms to ASTM D 4236
Kuretake, Made in Japan

SKU KWC6SM:   $33.06 USD
79g / 85g

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