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Pebeo Deco Gloss paints
Pebeo - Pebeo Deco Gloss paints
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Pebeo Deco Gloss paints

Opaque Gloss acrylic paints for wood, plaster, terracotta, cardboard, metal

Opaque gloss acrylic colours for wood, plaster, terracotta, cardboard, metal...
Dilute with water, can be mixed with each other.
Drying: Dust free in 30 minutes and completely dry in 24 hours.
Waterproof once dry.

The Pébéo Déco colours are very easy to use and adapt to all techniques.
Once dry, they are indelible and have a glossy, matt or pearl finish.
All Pébéo Déco colours can be applied on various surfaces,
which should have been previously cleaned and can be used with equal ease with a brush, a foam roller or a sponge...
Rich and intense, the colours lay perfect foundations and their creamy consistency easily reproduce traditional and contemporary designs.
The large and various colour range makes it easy for any style:
the antique half-tones are ideal for rustic and traditional painting on wood,
as for the tonic colours, they are better suited for updating your objects to the trends in style.

Violtan Note:
We tested these paints on a glabrous and flexible plexiglass sheet with good results.
These paints may be used also on a plastic.

Jar 45 ml (1.5 fl.oz)
Pebeo, France

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Pebeo Deco Gloss paints

Paints for Wood, Cardboard
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1) White   [01]
45 ml / 70 g
SKU: PDG01;   $3.72
Bright Yellow
2) Bright Yellow   [03]
45 ml / 70 g
SKU: PDG03;   $3.72
Dark Yellow
3) Dark Yellow   [04]
45 ml / 70 g
SKU: PDG04;   $3.72
4) Salmon   [02]
45 ml / 70 g
SKU: PDG02;   $3.72
5) Orange   [05]
45 ml / 70 g
SKU: PDG05;   $3.72
Light Pink
6) Light Pink   [08]
45 ml / 70 g
SKU: PDG08;   $3.72
Bright Red
7) Bright Red   [06]
45 ml / 70 g
SKU: PDG06;   $3.72
Dark Red
8) Dark Red   [07]
45 ml / 70 g
SKU: PDG07;   $3.72
9) Cyclamen   [09]
45 ml / 70 g
SKU: PDG09;   $3.72
10) Fuchsia   [10]
45 ml / 70 g
SKU: PDG10;   $3.72
Dark Blue
11) Dark Blue   [11]
45 ml / 70 g
SKU: PDG11;   $3.72
Medium Blue
12) Medium Blue   [12]
45 ml / 70 g
SKU: PDG12;   $3.72
Light Blue
13) Light Blue   [13]
45 ml / 70 g
SKU: PDG13;   $3.72
14) Turquoise   [14]
45 ml / 70 g
SKU: PDG14;   $3.72
Dark Green
15) Dark Green   [15]
45 ml / 70 g
SKU: PDG15;   $3.72
Spring Green
16) Spring Green   [16]
45 ml / 70 g
SKU: PDG16;   $3.72
17) Sienna   [18]
45 ml / 70 g
SKU: PDG18;   $3.72
Deep Black
18) Deep Black   [20]
45 ml / 70 g
SKU: PDG20;   $3.72

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