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Burnt Sienna 21    [2***O, PR101]

Burnt Sienna 21 Winton Oil Paints
Permanent Transparent oil paint for artist. Tube 21 ml (0.7 fl.oz.)

Many of the Winton Oil formulas contain modern hue pigments that produce an extremely close likeness
in color to the more expensive natural pigments, and have an excellent permanence rating.
Wintons are intermixable with other oils.
The increased popularity of oil painting led Winsor & Newton to develop an economical range
of color designed for use by amateur and student artists.
Winton Oil Paints are made to the highest standards with moderate cost limits.
Using traditional skills and modern colour chemistry techniques results in a range of carefully selected hues.
The replacement of some of the more extensive traditional pigments with modern alternatives
enables these standards and economic price level to be maintained.

Our Denotes in the Catalog:
T = Transparent / Semi-Trasnparent Paint
O = Opaque / Semi-Opaque Paint
*** Extremely permanent color (AA)
** Permanent color (A)
* Moderately Durable (B)

Winsor & Newton, England

SKU WN074S:   $4.68 USD
21 ml / 40 g

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