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Oxide Black    [735+++O, PBk11]

Oxide Black Rembrandt Oil Paints
s1. Oil color for professional artists, Tube 40 ml (1.35 oz)

Rembrandt Oil Colors are world-wide known for their consistent professional quality.
These oil paints are the ultimate choice for professional artists around the world.

They are made in Holland by craftsmen who mill the paint on triple rollers.
Rembrandt uses lightfast pigments and the purest Linseed and Safflower oils making them permanent and durable.
They can be mixed with each other extremely well.
They are safely intermixable with other oil paints.

The highest possible pigment concentration and the fact that they are ground extremely finely
means that all the colours have maximum colour intensity.
As regards lightfastness Rembrandt oil colour is unique.
All 120 colours have the highest degree of lightfastness (+++).
Each shade has its own formula which guarantees a high level of stability and quality.
The range of colours is well-balanced:
there is equal distribution over different colour groups and a good balance between opaque
and translucent colours.

* Sublime brilliance and intensely deep colours
* Optimal colour strength due to the highest possible concentration of pigments and very fine grinding
* Highest degree of lightfastness
* Very pure colours and greatest durability of the paint coat

* Zinc white and Titanium white both based on linseed oil (for painting grounds) and based on non-yellowing safflower oil
* Permanent madder lake colours

Degree of Lightfastness:
+++ = 100 years completely lightfast under museum conditions (all 120 colors)
++ = 25-100 years lightfast under museum conditions
+ = 10-25 years lightfast under museum conditions
o = 0-10 years lightfast under museum conditions
The lightfastness of all these colors has been tested in accordance with ASTM Standards D4303

T = Transparent (25 colors)
ST = Semi-Transparent (20 colors)
SO = Semi-Opaque (35 colors)
O = Opaque (40 colors)

Tube 40 ml (1.35 oz)
120 colors.
Royal Talens, Holland

SKU RMB735:   $12.73 USD
40 ml / 90 g

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