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[L&B Linel Gouache]
Fine professional Gouache in tube 25 ml (0.84 fl.oz.)
Product LBG088 Formerly know as LINEL 35 GT Designers Gouache,
the FINE Gouache retains the characteristics of the 35GT:
freshness, brightness and intensity of colours.
FINE Gouache contains fine arts quality pigments and gum arabic.
Owing to their high covering power, the colours are of a deep matt and keep their velvety aspect.
Fine Gouache is specially designed for professional artistic creativity –
It is ideal for technical and graphic illustrators and fine arts students.
Watercolor effects are also possible when diluted with water.

25 ml tubes.
Lefranc & Bourgeois, France

25 ml / 50 g  Lefranc & Bourgeois
$6.66 x  

L&B Linel Gouache