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Etched glass matt medium

[L&B Glass & Tile transp.paints]
For a frosted/etched glass Effect with transparent colors and matt effect with opaque colors. 50 ml (1.7 fl.oz.)
Product GTMM

Glass & Tile paints

Transparent brilliant water-based paint for glass and ceramic ware,
bathroom tiles, metals, for stained glass effects.
Ready to use.
Shake well before using.
Use Glass&Tile "Surface Cleaner" before painting.
Live to dry 3 days.
Apply Glass&Tile (G&T) Top Coat Varnish over thin applications and bathroom tiles.
Dishwasher proof after baking in an oven 30 min. at 150°C (300°F).
No need to bake for glossiness or durability.
Do not paint surfaces that come into direct contact with food.
Never mix with turpentine, other solvent or oil paints.
Wash brushes after work with water.

The colours can be used on all the smooth supports like glass,
the porcelain, earthenware but also metals and the plastics.
Always begin by degreasing the surface with the surface preparator
(90° alcohol) before painting.
For objects that cannot be set in a household oven (e.g. tiles already laid),
varnish and spray on the primer after degreasing.

Lightfast and waterproof.
Dishwasher safe after baking at 300F (150C) for 30 minutes.

LeFranc & Bourgeois, France.

50 ml / 70 g  Lefranc & Bourgeois
$4.54 x  

L&B Glass & Tile transp.paints