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[d-c-fix film]
Self-adhesive transparent film for home stained-glass, 45cm x 1m (17.71 x 39.37 inch)
Product DCF1506 Transparent colored self-adhesive film for glass and other non-porous hard surfaces.
It presentrs also with prepared patterns.
Can use for artificial stained-glass windows at home.

1. Measure and cut to size using the gridlines as a guide.
For precise edges, overlap 3-5 mm and trim away excess with a craft knife after fixing.
2. Peel back the backing paper for a few centimeters.
3. Position and apply d-c-fix to one edge.
4. Slowly peel off the backing paper and simultaneously smooth the d-c-fix into place
by hand using a soft cloth or squeegee.
Work from the center outwards to avoid air bubbles.
Incorrectly glued ?
If d-c-fix is incorrectly positioned or there are air bubbles or creases,
then peel it off and reapply.
This applies to solid surfaces.

Width 45 cm (17.72 inch).
Length 1 m (39.37 inch). We shall summarize the lenght as one scrolled piece from your ordered units (max 15 m).

d-c-fix, Germany

Notes of Violtan.
Samples of film 5x5 cm are scanned above paper with grid for demo of transparency.

120 gr / 130 g  Konrad Hornschuch AG
SKU: DCF1506
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d-c-fix film