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2024-07-24; 00:31:36

Product View ZIG BrusH<SUB>2</SUB>O Logo ZIG BrusH<SUB>2</SUB>O ZIG BrusH2O
Synthetic Pen-Brush with water-filled cartridge.

Perfect for painting in the studio or on the go.
The unique filtration design maintains a consistent flow of water to the brush tip.
Simply fill the barrel with water and the water brush is ready to be used!
No more messes with a BrusH2O in hand.
Works wonderfully with our Art & Graphic Twin,
Clean Color Real Brush, and Gansai Tambi Watercolors.

Create like a modern day Monet with this portable water brush !
Available in 4 brush tip sizes, for those who wish to paint anywhere, at anytime.
Its lightweight design permits portability and eliminates the need to carry water bottles.

To Fill:
1. Unscrew the brush cap from the barrel.
2. Place fingers on the "PUSH" panels gently squeezing while immersing in water,
allowing it to flow into the barrel.
3. Reattach the brush tip.
Adjusting pressure on the squeeze barrel will control water flow for a drier
or wetter palette.

Kuretake Co.,Ltd., Made in Japan