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[Winsor & Newton]
Galeria Flow Formula: Professional Acrylic Paints in tubes for Artists

W&N Acrylic Galeria

Flow Formula Acrylic Galeria.
Acrylic Paints for the artist needing high quality and economical acrylic.
Thin with water or use with acrylic medium.
Intermixable with each other and with other acrylics.
Clean equipment with water immediately after use.

Galeria acrylics suitable for many different techniques.
They are easy to use and retain their consistency.
They can be applied on paper, canvas, cardboard, wood, stonework and plaster.
To apply to smooth surfaces such as glass and metal, an undercoat is necessary.
They correspond to the safety standard EN 71/1.

60 ml Tube (2 fl.oz.)
Winsor & Newton, England

Our textual denotations in the Catalog (instead of small images on tubes):
T = Transparent Paint;
ST = Semi-Transparent;
O = Opaque;
SO = Semi-Opaque;
*** = Extremely Permanent (AA on Tubes);
** = Permanent (A on Tubes)
* = Moderately Durable (B on Tubes).
sn = Series Number (for prices range).
Pxxx = Pigment's Code (W=white,Y=yellow, O=orange, R=red, B=Blue, V=Violet, Br=Brown, Bk=Black).