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Professional Watercolors, 120 colors
Most Rembrandt watercolour tones are very transparent because of the use
of pure Gum Arabic and the pigments choosen.
A few colors are slightly less transparent because of the specific pigment used,
such as cadmium colors.
Nevertheless, since water colours are usually heavy diluted,
this will be scarcely visible. These less transparent colors
are marked with sign ST (Semi-Transparent) -
white small rectangle in cross on the original wrapping. Designations:
The lightfastness of all these colours has been tested in
accordance with ASTM Standards D4303
+++ = at least 100 years completely lightfast under museum conditions.
++ = 25 - 100 years completely lightfast under museum conditions.
+ = 10 - 25 years completely lightfast under museum conditions.
o = 0 - 10 years completely lightfast under museum conditions.

TR or T = Transparent (in the catalog)
ST = Semi-Transparent color
SO = Semi-Opaque color
OP = Opaque color

PWxx, PYxx, POxx, PRxx, PVxx, PBxx, PGxx, PBrXX, PBkXX
- Code of Pigment: White, Yellow, Orange, Red, Violet, Blue, Green, Brown, Black.
s1, s2, s3 - Price Series.

HA = Color with High Adhesion
G = Granulating color
All colors range includes 120 colors.
Size of each tube 10ml (0.3fl.oz): Length=73mm (2.87"), Max.Width=25mm (1"), Diameter=20mm (0.79").

Royal Talens, Netherlands

Violtan Notes:
1. You can estimate Visual Transparency of the color in our Catalog
with the color's sample, that contains pencil lines UNDER the layer of this color.
2. VG - Van Gogh Watercolors contains the same Color Name.
But pigments composition may be other.