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Solvent-Based semi-opaque gloss colors for porcelain, ceramics, glass, metal

Pebeo Ceramic

Brilliant glossy Semi-opaque colors for ceramic, earthenware, stoneware, glass and metal.
Good lightfastness.
Porous bases must be sealed with a Pébéo Filler Undercoat before colors are applied in order to maximize the brilliance.
Can be mixed together.
On rounded surfaces, do not overload, to avoid runs.
Ceramic colours can be applied with brush, sponge, screen, bath...
A sufficiently thick layer of colour can be combined with other material like sand or engraved with a stick.
When dry, colours resist to scratching and to washing in cold water without soaking.

Stir well before using
Air drying: Touch dry in 1 hour and thoroughly dry in 8 hours.
Clean the brushes with turpentine substitute.

Keep out of reach children.

If swallowed, seek medical advice immediately and show this container or label.
Contains 2-butanone-oxime and cobalt salts. May produce an allergic reaction.
Diluent: Ceramic/Vitrail thinner.

NOTE: Objects painted with Ceramic colors are for decorative use only. Computer screens do not reproduce the exact colours.

Jar 45 ml (1.5 fl.oz)
Pebeo, France

Violtan NOTES:
Diluent - usual (mineral) Turpentine.
Clean brushes after work also by turpentine.