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[Lefranc & Bourgeois]
Oil Paints for artists and hobby
L&B Louvre Oil The LOUVRE oil colours are a perfect compromise for first attempts at oil painting.
The colour chart has 35 colours.

Lefranc & Bourgeois offer a choice of the colours most favoured by professionals and hobby artists.
The paints allow the artist to work with a palette made up of basic colours.
36 colours (of which 5 are primary colours) have been produced from carefully chosen pigments
distinguished by their lightfastness.
The colours have a creamy, pasty consistency, mix well together and dry crack-free.

The primary colors are:
1. Titanium-Zink White 013
2. Cadmium Yellow Hue (Primary yellow) 153
3. Magenta (Primary red) 437
4. Cyan (Primary blue) 063
5. Ivory Black 269

*** Absolutely permanent colors, even when lightened (29 colors)
** Very permanent colors (7 colors)

M - Sign on a Tube:
These Colours which can be safely intermixed with each other.

This is balanced palette with respect to colour transparency and opacity:
P.S. The Opacity designed on a tube as small rectangle:
1. White rectangle - transparent paint,
2. Black rectangle - opaque paint,
3. Half-white/Half-black rectangle - semi-transparent paint.

Our Denotes in the Catalog:
T = Transparent Paint
ST = Semi-Transparent
O = Opaque Paint

Tube 60 ml (2.03 fl.oz).
Lefranc & Bourgeois, France

Violtan Note:
- average weight of tube 90 g.
- Touch-drying time 3-5 days depend on thickness of layer and temperature of air.
- In our catalog we use textual name for transparency instead of graphical signs on tubes.