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2020-12-01; 09:05:15

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Stiker-contours for glass, ceramics, wood, albums, gift cards, nails

Convex ornamental contours for pasting on a firm surface. Sheet 10*21.5 sm. It contains convex pictures for ornamental pattern.
Each figure in a set is cut on the metallized pellicle and easily comes unstuck from a basis - a cardboard. It is enough to pull of it for one of edges.

Figure densely to press to a basis of a stained-glass window (Glass, plexiglass, etc.) and to smooth through a sheet of a paper (to not damage a contour). It is possible to use as a basis opaque or flexible (but dense) surfaces. The basis needs to be cleared preliminary of a dust and fat spirit, turpentine or soap water to rinse and dry up (10-15 minutes).
For children\'s creativity it is preferable to use not fragile materials Type of plexiglas, textolite and water paints Vitrea-160 for a shading of contours.
For these metallized figures it is possible to do baking in an oven if you use Paints Vitrea-160 on a fire-resistant surface - glass, metal, etc. (40 minutes at 160°C).
Made in Israel