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[Hoenig (Hönig) Art Colours Ltd.]
Hönig: Top Quality Artists Oil colours. Exellent fastress. Student Price for Professional Quality (as Rembrandt Oil Paints). 40 ml tube.

Hoenig Top Oil

Top quality artists professional oil colors with economical prices.
Tube 40 ml (1.35 fl.oz.)

Colors contain classic top grade stabilizers.
Professional Pigments with high concentartion.
Minimum of inerts pigments.
White colors contain Alkali Refined Safflower oil, that will not get yellowish shade.
Colors Cadmium and Cobalt contain natural mineral pigments, not synthetic hue.
Avoid skin or mouth contact.

Hoenig, Israel
1. We use next signs for transparency and Lightfastness:
T = Transparent Color
ST = Semi-Transparent Color
SO = Semi-Opaque Color
O = Opaque Color
* - medium Lightfastness
** - good Lightfastness
*** - excellent Lightfastness.

2. Metallic Bronze color see in Catalog Hoenig Classic Oil
Transparent Gel see in Catalog Hoenig Oil Fantasy
These catalogs include also other shades, that do not present in Hoenig Top Oil catalog.

3. These paints have High pigmentation, clean shades and creamy consistency.
The results of testing allow to compare Hoenig Top oil colors with worlwide famous
trademarks Winsor&Newton and Rembrandt - professional artists oil colors.