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[Hoenig (Hönig) Art Colours Ltd.]
Hönig: Classic Acrylic Paints for Artists, tubes 60 ml

Hoenig Acrylic

Acrylic Artist's colors.
CLASSIC - Brush Mark.
Professional Pigments.

Water-base artist's colors can be diluted or cleaned with water.
When paint dries it forms water-resistant semi-gloss film.

The Manufacturer NOTES.
The Paints:
- Cadmium Yellow Light, Medium, Deep (#5, #6, #7),
- Cadmium Orange (#8),
- Cadmium Red Light, Deep (#12, #13),
- Cobalt Blue, Cobalt Blue Hue (#22, #23),
- Emerald (#26),
- Chrome Oxide Green (#28),
- Flesh-Tint (#32)
Contain heavy metal.
Avoid skin or mouth contact.
Wash hand (and mouth :-) Violtan note) after painting.

60 ml Tube (2 fl.oz.)
Hoenig, Israel