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No-Prep Metal opaque matt Paints for Tin, Brass, Iron, Aluminum, Chrome etc.

DecoArt Metal

No-Prep Metal Paint
59 ml (2 fl.oz)
Number of Colors: 27

Opaque, Non-toxic, Indoor/Outdoor.
For Painting metal sutfaces, including:
Galvanized metal, Tin, Brass, wrought Iron, Aluminum, Chrome etc.

Clean surfaces with vinegar and rinse with water.
When dry, apply with brush or sponge.
Allow 24 hours before exposing to moisture.
To thin, use clear medium.
Completely cured in 5 days.
Do not freeze.
Soap and water clean-up while wet
Quick drying
Product Description:
Non-toxic, one-step, weatherproof paint that adheres to most metal surfaces without using a coat of primer.
It is the ideal paint for indoor or outdoor metal surfaces without a primer coat or varnish.
No-Prep Metal Paint is uniquely formulated for extra strong adhesion and durability on metal that regular acrylic paints do not have.

Violtan Note:
Touching-dry time approx.1-2 hours.

Painting Surfaces:
- Tin, Galvanized metal, Aluminum, Brass, Wrought iron, Chrome, Rusty tin

Features and Advantages:
- No primer or varnish required
- One-step process
- Opaque colors
- Indoor/outdoor
- Non-toxic
- Soap and water clean-up while wet
- Light-fast
- Quick drying

Additional Decorating Ideas/Applications:
- Ideal for painting mailboxes, wind chimes, bells, watering cans, bird feeders, outdoor furniture,
as well as cookie cutters and other ornamental kitchenware.
- Thin No-Prep Metal Paint with Clear Medium instead of water.
- Paint cures completely in 5 days.
- Recycle soup or coffee cans as outdoor luminaries or storage containers with No-Prep Metal Paint.
- Paint ladders for use as book shelves or plant stands.
- Use No-Prep Metal Paint to decorate and/or personalize.

Helpful Hints:
- Allow paint to dry between coats.
- For best results, on surfaces such as brass, chrome, pre-coated items, or rusted metal surfaces,
use steel wool or fine grit sandpaper prior to cleaning and painting.
- Rusted metal can be painted with Clear Medium prior to painting to ensure that rust doesn't mix into the paint.

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