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[Winsor & Newton]
AquaOil - Water Mixable Oil Colours

Artisan H2Oil

Water Mixable Oil Colour
Modified Linseed Oil
Genuine Oil colour with thins with water and cleans with soap and water.
No hazardous solvents required.
Use with Winsor & Newton Artisan Water Mixable Mediums.

Our Denotes in the Colors:
*** Exteremely Paermanent Paint.
** Permanent
T - Transparent or Semi-Transparent
O - Opaque or Semi-Opaque
B - Bleached by Acids, acidic atmospheres
SerN - Seris number (for prices range)

Winsor & Newton, England

Violtan Notes:
1. H2Oil Paints are NOT similar to Acrylic paints.
2. Touch-dry time 2-4 days.
3. Paints after drying are water-resistant and save texture of your work.
4. We have tested amalgam H2Oil with usual Oil paints.
It appears as usual amalgam of 2 oil colors.