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Paints Review and Colors Charts
  1. Ferrario Van-Dyck oil colors
  2. Hoenig oil colors: Classic Brush Mark and Fantazy
  3. L&B Louvre oil colors
  4. Maries oil colors
  5. Winton oil colors
  6. Artisan - Water Mixable Oil Colours (AquaOil)
  7. Van Gogh H2Oil colors (AquaOil)
  8. Rembrandt - professional oil colors
  9. Van-Gogh oil colors for beginners, amateurs and artists
  10. Master Class -professional oil colors from St.-Petesburg

Some Common Notes:
In our paints catalogs we use next signs for paint names and descriptions:
LightFast of a Paint:
+++ or *** : 100 years completely lightfast under museum conditions (we wish to check it :-)
++ or ** : 25-100 years lightfast under museum conditions
+ or * : 10-25 years lightfast under museum conditions
o = 0-10 years lightfast under museum conditions

Transparency of a Paint:
Opaque Paint O - Opaque: black rectangle on tubes)
Semi-Opaque paint SO - Semi-Opaque: black-white rectangle
Semi-Transparent Paint S or ST - Semi-Transparent: white rectangle with diagonal
Transparent Paint T - Transparent: white rectangle.

Pxx - International Codes of Pigments on professional artists paints:
PWnn - White (number nn)
PY - Yellow
PR - Red
PV - Violet
PB - Blue
PG - Green
PBr - Brown
PBk - Black

Van-Dyck Ferrario oil paints

Van-Dyck Ferrario Oil paints.

Ferrario, Italy
Finest Artist's Oil Colours named by famous Flemish painter Anthony van Dyck (1599-1642) - Baroque painting artist (see wikipedia here about van Dyck).
These paints have very wide colors range - 91 shades include matallic colors.
There are 3 types of oil paints:
Opaque, Semi-transparent and Transparent.
High quality with average or low price even for cobalt and cadmium colors.
20 ml tubes (0.67 fl.oz.)
91 colors

Hoenig oil colours

Hoenig Oil colours

Hoenig, Israel
CLASSIC - Brush Mark:
Extra Fine Artist's Oil colors.
Alkali Refined linseed oil,
Classic top grade stabilizers,
Professional Pigments and minimum of inerts pigments.
Includes cobalt and cadmium shades with 'regular' low price.
Aluminium Tubes 60 ml (2 fl.oz.)
42 color shades, include 3 metallic colors.

Aluminium Tubes 150 ml (5.06 fl.oz).
High quality linseed oil,
Permanent pure professional pigments,
Inert pigments,
Minimum stabilizers.
Whites in non yellowing sufflover oil.
22 color shades and Transparent gel for oil colors.

L&B Louvre oil

L&B Louvre Oil Paints

Lefranc & Bourgeois (L&B), France
The LOUVRE oil colours are a perfect compromise for first attempts at oil painting.
Lefranc & Bourgeois offer a choice of the colours most favoured by professionals and hobby artists.
The paints allow the artist to work with a palette made up of basic colours.
36 colours, of which 5 are primary colours, have been produced from carefully chosen pigments distinguished by their lightfastness.
The colours have a creamy, pasty consistency, mix well together and dry crack-free.
The primary colors there are:
1. Titanium-Zink White 013
2. Cadmium Yellow Hue (Primary yellow) 153
3. Magenta (Primary red) 437
4. Cyan (Primary blue) 063
5. Ivory Black 269
Tubes 60 ml (2 fl.oz.)

Maries Oil

Maries Oil colors

Maries, China
Maries Oil are an economical range of oil paints intended for students and those begining the art of oil painting.
Very economical for large canvas work.
Marie's offer a superior strength of colour and mixing qualities allowing the choice of finely detailed work or heavy impasto styles.
Maries Oil Colour Paints have "selected & adopted the most permanent pigments, the best refined botanic oil, mixed and are finely ground into smooth paste.
Varied chemically and physical properties are strictly examined, they have a suitable degree of dryness and as the paste is steady, they can keep up and give full play of the strokes of painters.
The white colours are particularly prepared to ensure from yellowish.
All Maries Paints are packaged in non-leaded, non-toxic aluminium tubes.
27 color shades.
21 ml Tube. (0.71 fl.oz.)
170 ml Tube (5.74 fl.oz.)

Winton oil

Winton oil colors

Winsor & Newton, England
Many of the Winton Oil formulas contain modern hue pigments that produce an extremely close likeness in color to the more expensive natural pigments, and have an excellent permanence rating.
Wintons are intermixable with other oils.
The increased popularity of oil painting led Winsor & Newton to develop an economical range of color designed for use by amateur and student artists.
Winton Oil Paints are made to the highest standards with moderate cost limits.
Using traditional skills and modern colour chemistry techniques results in a range of carefully selected hues.
The replacement of some of the more extensive traditional pigments with modern alternatives enables these standards and economic price level to be maintained.
Tube 21, 37 and 200 ml (0.7, 1.25 and 6.76 fl.oz.)
47 color shades.

Artisan - Water Mixable Oil Colour

Artisan - Water Mixable Oil Colour

Winsor & Newton, England
Genuine Oil colour with thins with water and cleans with soap and water.
Based on Modified Linseed Oil.
No hazardous solvents required.
Use with Winsor & Newton Artisan Water Mixable Mediums.
The Paints are NOT similar to Acrylic, Tempera or Gouache paints.
Touch-dry time 3-7 days.
Paints after drying are water-resistant and save texture of your work.
These paints can be mixed even with usual oil colours.
40 color shades.
Tube 37 ml (1.25 fl.oz.)

Van Gogh H2Oil

Van Gogh H2Oil

Royal Talens, Holland
H2Oil colour is an oil paint with very special properties.
It has a short drying time and can be thinned with water.
It is no longer necessary to use turpentine or white spirit.
As a result H2Oil colour is very easy to use and is also environmentally friendly, while the finished painting looks like a real oil painting.

* Water-soluble oil colour with the properties of traditional oil colours
* Turpentine and white spirit are unnecessary
* Shortened drying time
The Paints are NOT similar to Acrylic, Tempera or Gouache paints.
Touch-dry time 3-7 days.
Paints after drying are water-resistant and save texture of your work.
These paints can be mixed even with usual oil colours.
40 color shades.
Tube 40 ml (1.4 fl.oz.), Titanium White 40 and 150 ml.

Rembrandt - professional oil colors

Rembrandt - professional oil colors

Royal Talens, Holland
Rembrandt Oil Colors are world-wide known for their consistent professional quality.
These oil paints are the ultimate choice for professional artists around the world.
They are made in Holland by craftsmen who mill the paint on triple rollers.
Rembrandt uses lightfast pigments and the purest Linseed and Safflower oils making them permanent and durable.
They can be mixed with each other extremely well.
They are safely intermixable with other oil paints.
The highest possible pigment concentration and the fact that they are ground extremely finely means that all the colours have maximum colour intensity.
As regards lightfastness Rembrandt oil colour is unique.
All 120 colours have the highest degree of lightfastness (+++).
Each shade has its own formula which guarantees a high level of stability and quality.
The range of colours is well-balanced: there is equal distribution over different colour groups and a good balance between opaque and translucent colours.
* Sublime brilliance and intensely deep colours
* Optimal colour strength due to the highest possible concentration of pigments and very fine grinding
* Highest degree of lightfastness
* Very pure colours and greatest durability of the paint coat
* Zinc white and Titanium white both based on linseed oil (for painting grounds) and based on non-yellowing safflower oil
* Permanent madder lake colours
Tube 40 ml (1.35 oz)
120 colors.

Van-Gogh - oil colors for professional artists and beginners

Van-Gogh - oil colors for professional artists and beginners

Van Gogh Oil Colours meet to the requirements of the beginners and advanced amateur artists.
The main properties:
* Strong and brilliant colours
* Uniform degree of gloss and drying time
* Retains colour integrity for a long time thanks to lightfast pigments
Due to the buttery consistence of the paint Brush strokes remain very visible and the paint stais in place.
Other strong points of Van Gogh Oil Colour are an equal drying time for all colours and a uniform degree of gloss (so that even mixed colours have an identical appearance after drying).
The colors range has opaque and transparent colours, in order to create depth effects in the painting.
Transparent colours are ideal for use in glazing paintings.
All colours are manufactured from high quality pure pigments ground in pure linseed or safflower oil.
The lightfastness varies from good to very good, so that paintings have the same colours after decades, as the day on which they were painted.
Tube 20 ml (0.67 oz.) and 60 ml (2 oz.)
66 colors.

Master Class - oil paints for Professional artists and amateurs from St.-Petersburg

Master-Class - oil colors for Professional artists

The factory of artistic paints (ZHK) 'Nevskaya Palitra': St.-Ptersburg, Russia
Завод художественных красок ЗХК «Невская Палитра», Санкт-Петербург, Россия
Master Class oil colours for Professional artists.
St.Petersburg MASTER CLASS Extra-Fine Artists Oil Colors
Master Class - artistic oil paints of supreme quality for demanding professionals and amateurs.
The manufacturer of Master-Class produces also worldwide known and very successful White Nights water-colors.
Master Class artistic oil paints are made from high quality pigments and binders based on specially treated linen oil, with the addition of natural resins - dammar and mastic - that have positive effect on visual qualities of paints.
Most paints consist of oily ONE pigment, which creates colors of superb intensity and purity with high light-fastness, and mixing qualities.
Many of the colours in these sets are ** or *** star on lightfast rating.
The palette consists primarily of traditional colors from natural earthly, cadmium, cobalt, and iron oxide pigments, and is characterized by a perfect balance between primer and finishing paints.
Tube 46 ml (1.55 fl.oz.)

Violtan NOTES:
We tested ricently oil colors of type Master-Class, produced 26 years ago by this manufacturer.
After 26 years of storage in usual room condiotions, most of these paints up today have a good consistence and suitable for painting.
They need only to add a little of linseed oil and turpentine.
In soviet period, these paints ware accessible only for members of professional art-community.
Due this reason, they are not so wide known today, as White Nights watercolors of this manufacturer.
The quality of paints Master-Class correspond to woldwide known oil colors Rembrandt (Talens, Holland),
Winsor & Newton (England), Van-Dyck (Ferrario, Italy) and may be also to Old Holland oil colors.
But the prices of Master-Class are much less ... else.
66 colors.

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