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Topological Ornament  1

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Eremenko Vitaly
Topological Ornament 1
Stained-glass on a plexiglass 20 х 30 cm
Painting on Glass Artificial Stained Glass

ID:   EV43
Artificial stained-glass window on plexiglas of 3 mm, 20*30 sm.
Ornament on motives of mathematician-topologist Fomenko.

Transparent strong varnishes are used,
metal contour tape and contour paste.
The stained-glass window can be wiped a damp cloth from a dust or to wash in water.

The sizes and selection of a color palette to order can be others (under the size of a window frame for example, but no more than 60*80 sm if shipping by mail is necessary).

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Vitaly Eremenko
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