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Art Creation Oil Colors 24x12ml

Art Creation Oil Colors 24x12ml Talens-Amsterdam
Set of 24 oil paints in tubes 12 ml. Talens, Holland.
Ideal for painting in the open air or for present.

Art Creation Expression oil color set 24 x 12 ml.
Step-by-step plan included.

ArtCreation Expression offers you the opportunity to express your creative ideas simply.
It is a reliably quality paint and is easy to use.
It is inspiring to work with, and delightful to receive as a gift.
Expressive, as well as good quality choice for starting artists.

ArtCreation Expression has a step-by-step plan which helps you in realizing your ideas.

    The composition:
  1. 104. Zink White
  2. 105. Titanium White
  3. 205. Lemon Yellow (Primary)
  4. 200. Yellow
  5. 235. Orange
  6. 311. Vermilion
  7. 334. Scarlet
  8. 322. Carmine Deep
  9. 504. Ultramarine
  10. 512. Cobalt Blue (Ultram.)
  11. 535. Cerulean Blue Phthalo
  12. 570. Phthalo Blue
  13. 508. Prussian Blue
  14. 662. Permanent Green
  15. 615. Emerald Green
  16. 616. Viridian
  17. 620. Olive Green
  18. 227. Yellow Ochre
  19. 234. Raw Sienna
  20. 411. Burnt Sienna
  21. 409. Burnt Umber
  22. 408. Raw Umber
  23. 708. Paynes Grey
  24. 701. Ivory Black

24 colors in Tubes 12 ml (0.41 oz)
Royal Talens, Holland

Violtan NOTES:
We have used images and step-by-step instructions from the site of Talens manufacturer.
Step-by-Step Plan
on Example of Italian Landscape on Talens site:
Step 1.
Italian Landscape of Talens - Step 1

* Lightly copy the drawing using charcoal or pencil.
Leave out any details;
these will be dealt with in steps 3 and 4

Step 2.
Italian Landscape of Talens - Step 2

* Paint the sky using ultramarine and cerulean blue.
Paint the sky darker at the top and lighter further down.
Mix blue with titanium white and a tiny amount of yellow.
Use white for the clouds on the wet blue.
Paint the land alternating between light and dark green
(permanent green, yellow, ultramarine blue and titanium white).

Step 3.
Italian Landscape of Talens - Step 3

* Use various shades of green for the trees.
Mix Permanent green using tiny amounts of carmine deep,
burnt umber or yellow. Use dark green for shadows on the trees
(permanent green with a tiny amount of carmine deep or burnt umber).
For the house use carmine deep and yellow ochre with white.
Do not paint any details on the house.
After all, it is in the distance and small details are then no longer visible.
Make the clouds more intense with extra ultramarine and white.

Step 4.
Italian Landscape of Talens - Step 4

* Paint the gate using burnt umber, titanium white and yellow ochre.
For the olive branches in the foreground use burnt umber, yellow ochre,
carmine deep and titanium white.
Paint the olive leaves olive green (yellow ochre and a tiny amount of permanent green)
and dark green (permanent green, and a tiny amount of red).
Paint the olives olive green and yellowish green.
Add patches of light using white/yellow.
Create shadows on the olives using dark green (green and a tiny amount of red).

SKU TAM24:   $37.29 USD
12ml x 24 / 640 g

Catalog of Talens-Amsterdam
Oil Colors in Sets
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