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Solvent-Based Transparent<br>Paints for Glass1) Solvent-Based Transparent
Paints for Glass
Solvent-Based Opaque<br>Paints for Porcelain2) Solvent-Based Opaque
Paints for Porcelain
Water-Based Transparent<br>Paints for Glass3) Water-Based Transparent
Paints for Glass
Water-Based Opaque<br>Paints for Porcelain4) Water-Based Opaque
Paints for Porcelain
Pens for Glass and Porcelain5) Pens for Glass and Porcelain
Contours for Glass and Porcelain6) Contours for Glass and Porcelain
Window Colors7) Window Colors
Film for Stained Glass8) Film for Stained Glass
Medium, Thinner, Varnish9) Medium, Thinner, Varnish
Multisurface Paints10) Multisurface Paints
Colors for Textile11) Colors for Textile:
* Decorfin Textile  
* L&B Textile  
* Javana Textile  
* Javana Textile Glitter  
* Javana Textile Metallic  
Type of Goods
- Paints for Textile  
- Paints for Dark Textile  
- Metallic Paints for Textile  
- Pearl Paints for Textile  
- Glitter Paints for Textile  
- Paints for textile in Sets  
- Texture Relief Paints  
Colors for Silk12) Colors for Silk
Contours for Textile and Silk13) Contours for Textile and Silk
Paints for Metal14) Paints for Metal
Paints for Wood, Cardboard15) Paints for Wood, Cardboard
Stencil Paints16) Stencil Paints
Artistic Oil Colors17) Artistic Oil Colors
Water-Mixable Oil Colors18) Water-Mixable Oil Colors
Acrylic Colors19) Acrylic Colors
Gouache Colors20) Gouache Colors
Water-Colors21) Water-Colors
Pastel, Pencils, Crayons, Fiber Pens22) Pastel, Pencils, Crayons, Fiber Pens
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Colors for Textile

Decorfin Textile
Decorfin Textile

Water-based Paints for Textile. Royal Talens
L&B Textile
Lefranc & Bourgeois.
L&B Textile

Water-based Paints for Textile
Javana Textile
Javana Textile

Water-based Paints for Textile. Stoffmalfarbe.
Javana Textile Glitter
Javana Textile Glitter

Water-based glitter colors for light and dark colored Fabrics.
Javana Textile Metallic
Javana Textile Metallic

Water-based metallic colors for light and dark colored Fabrics.

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