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The Western Wailing Wall in Jerusalem - 2

Eremenko Vitaly
The Western Wailing Wall in Jerusalem - 2
Acrilic, plastic sheet, 70 * 50 cm.
Traditional Painting Acrylic

ID:   EV50
The Western "Wailing Wall" in Jerusalem (Cotel).
~2000. Acrylic, Plastic paper, 70 * 50 sm.
Value without frame and shipping cost.

2-nd Hebrew Temple has been destroyed in 70 A.D. by Roman.
Second Temple Period: 536 BCE - 70 AD
Today the place where there was 1-st, and then 2-nd Jewish Temple, is occupied by mosque Al-Aks (the dome above the Wall is seen).
Religious Jews by tradition connect the beginning of construction of the Third Jewish Temple with arrival of the Messiah.

In a western wall (in cracks between stone blocks) Jews leave short letters with entreaty to the God.
To pray it is possible only in a headdress, and only if is not less than 10 praying men.
Women pray separately from men.
In a picture the partition on the near plan - a place for women is visible. On the distant plan (is closer to arch passes to a wall) - a place for men.

Not Jews pass to a wall in any headdress.
If the person without a headdress, to it free of charge give out a disposable paper cap.
Near the Wall keep quiet.
In religious Jewish holidays blow in Shofar.

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